Traditional Braising Box

Slow-cook for divine flavours and textures
  • Prime grass-fed, naturally reared beef
  • Great value for money
  • Hand-cut by our expert butchers
  • Kitchen-ready - fully trimmed for no waste!
  • Code: D1647
  • Price per kg:
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Box Contains:
    • 2 packs Minced Steak (pack weight 440g)
    • 1 pack Shin of Beef (pack weight 440g)
    • 1 pack Braising Steak (pack weight 440g)
    • 1 pack Diced Beef Steak (pack weight 440g)
    • 1 Rolled Beef Brisket (pack weight 500g)
    • Plus FREE with every order
    • 1 pack Oxtail (pack weight 600g)

You can't beat these great value cuts for sheer depth of flavour. Braising, pot-roasting or casseroling brings out the beautifully savoury taste, while the long, slow cooking gives an unbelievably tender result.

Includes FREE oxtail for that real traditional touch!