Through building a reputation of a consistently high standard of quality and service, our products regularly appear in local and national media. Here are just some of the things that food writers and celebrity chefs have had to say about us:
"Beautifully succulent raw meat and fish of the highest quality, delicious ready-made dishes, extremely friendly and helpful customer service - Donald Russell are always a great pleasure to the taste buds. What more can one ask for?"
  "Donald Russell Steak Burgers are the best burgers I have ever tried. They are definitely my favourite."
William Hartson - Daily Express   Suzanne Carter - Lifestyle Director with She

"Impress your guests by adding some mild, tender meat to their plates for a gorgeous BBQ alternative from Donald Russell. Their welfare-kind Veal Steaks are to die for."
  "A sizzling summer barbeque is every chef's dream (weather permitting!) and with mail order butcher Donald Russell, it couldn't be easier. To make a real impression at an alfresco dinner party, try (these) succulent Steak Burgers."
My Weekly   Great British Food

"I've had the pleasure of a sneak peak of the new Donald Russell pies and I'm a "ready made" convert!"
  "The lamb is some of the best I have ever tasted, it really is so good and everyone else that tasted it agreed."
Stacie Stewart - Beehive Baker   Heather Whinney - Food Editor for Prima Magazine

"You can argue all day about what seasoning to add to meatballs, but you can't argue with using top-quality meat, and that's what you get here. I'll never make my own again"
  "It is hard to know where to begin with Britain's most diverse and dynamic online butchery and specialist food company."
Tony Turnbull - The Times   Rose Prince - Foodie Magazine

"The finest and most well hung beef I have ever tasted"   "It was the beef that stole the day. Bottom line is I'd go a long way to have that again"
William Hartson - Daily Express   Alegra McEvedy

"I love Donald Russell beef, which to my mind is the best meat in the world"   "None of us has ever tasted beef like this for tenderness and flavour"
Rowley Leigh - Award-winning writer and Chef at Kensington Place   Caroline Boucher - The Observer

"If you can't find a local butcher, online supplier Donald Russell is a top drawer solution"   "I have been a satisfied customer for many years, and at no time have I had to complain about quality or service."
Good Housekeeping   Albert H Roux

"Consistently good, delicious and tender"   "Well aged, marbled and tasty"

Caroline Boucher - The Observer

  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

"Unquestionably the nation's premier mail order butcher"   "For exceptional meat and fish delivered to
your door, we're with Nigella Lawson:
Donald Russell is briliant."



"Meltingly good steaks"   "You can really taste the quality"

Rose Prince - The Telegraph

  Tom Parker Bowles


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