There is no bigger compliment for us than when we get praise from our customers. It makes all the hard work and time we put into the quality of our products and service in every department worthwhile. Here's what some of our customers have had to say:

"It doesn't get any better. Words fail me, tasting is believing, stunning."    "Best Steak I have tasted. I have been ordering steaks from Donald Russell for a few years now. We do not order steaks if we are out now as they are never the quality of Donald Russell steaks." 
Mr M Lowe - Cheshire   Ms A Hutchison - Stirlingshire

"Lamb like it used to be! The Lamb was full of flavour & tender, served it at a recent dinner party everyone loved it and passed on your details for them to try you out, I said that they wouldn't be disappointed"    "Succulent and tasty. We were so pleased when we tasted this salmon. My husband and I have eaten a lot of salmon and thought we had tired of it but this roasted salmon is fab-u-lous! We have just bought another!" 
Mrs K Smith - West Midlands   Mrs S Hutchinson - Cambridgeshire

"We have been purchasing meat, predominantly beef, from you for many years. Your beef is the finest we have ever eaten. The Rib Roasts are sublime. It's perfectly possible to produce meals at home on par with an excellent restaurant for a fraction of the price"    "Lovely selection. A very good selection of great quality products. The sirloin steak in particualr is superb. The sausages are nothing like supermarket sausages - meaty, tasty, amazing flavour." 
Mr C Dowling - Norfolk   Dr C Gannon - County Down
"Super steaks! Our 1st order from Donald Russell, we loved the steaks, the taste was excellent, and you can cut the meat with a butter knife!! 10/10! Ordering more now! Thanks."    "Best ever. Lovely - First class steak - matured perfectly - will be buying from you again.." 
Mr S Dunn - Merseyside   Mrs K Hall - Somerset

"WOW what can I say, even my wife's steak cooked at medium-well was juicy. Cooked in a griddle using the instructions in the booklet these are better than you get in a restaurant"    "BEST EVER, lovely - first class steak - matured perfectly, will be buying from you again." 
Mr N Donoghue - Lacashire   Ms K Hall - Somerset

"Amazing, amazing, amazing. I can't over-emphasise how good this was.."    "In a word "GREAT"." 
Ms F Lovett - Surrey   Mrs C Bartell - London

"This is a truly magical piece of beef, it slices beautifully and tastes divine - Tres Bien DR, yet again."    "Everyone was asking what the cut (Beef Rib Trim) was, and where we had bought it?  I was very tempted not to disclose our source....What if everybody wants some and there's none left for us?  Lets keep it our best kept secret." 
Ms I Boyd - Renfrewshire   Mr G Mackay - Lincolnshire

"Fantastic quality, delicious taste, smell of fresh meat when defrosted.  I LOVE IT!!  No matter what recipe I use, Hungarian meatballs, spaghetti bolognese, stuffed peppers, this steak mince is the 'Best quality'."    "The meat just fell off the bone and tasted just like real lamb should, meltingly tender and full of flavour." 

Mrs V Yates - Durham

  Mr E Looby - West Midlands

"I found this to be the most succulent lamb I have ever tasted."   "Best taste ever!  Arrived promptly, beautifully packed and such a good price"
Michael Bannister - Buckinghamshire    Helen Peel - Essex

"Probably the most flavoursome beef I have tasted"
  "Cooked quickly and simply. tasted wonderfully tender"
Mrs Lesley King - Kent   Alison Docherty - Aberdeenshire

"Best mince ever, the flavour and texture were incomparible"   "You won't taste anything
Janet Bell - Kent   Richard Skutnicki - Purley

"I felt I must say how impressed I am with each aspect of your service. I find the whole proceedure faultless and one to be admired and recommended"   "We do enjoy the meat we get from you and thank you also for the excellent reliable service"
Mrs Morgan (customer since 2001)   Mrs Robson - Berkshire

"The Donald Russell range is tremendous value for money"   "Congratulations on a wonderful service and of course excellent meat"
Mrs Fiona Scott - Aberdeenshire   Mrs Guttenberg - London

"I recently ordered a steak selection pack from you and felt I must write to compliment you because they were the most gorgeous, tasty, marvellous I have ever had in my life"   "Your gorgeous Confit Duck Legs are to die for! So delighted with everything I have bought from you"
Mrs Baldwin - Kent   Mrs P Alder - East Yorkshire

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