Summer Steak Selection

Perfect for indoor or outdoor cooking!

  • Juicy, grass-fed UK beef
  • Succulent free-range pork
  • Fluffy, crunchy Alpine Fries - delicious!
  • Code: D2193
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Box Contains:
    • 2 Ribeye Steaks, 210g each
    • 4 Beef Mini Steaks, 200g
    • 2 Pork Chops bone-in, 190g each
    • 4 Classic Steak Burgers small, in packs of 2, 240g per pack
    • 2 Packs of Alpine Fries, 200g each
    • 8 Pork Sausages, in packs of 4, 280g per pack
    • 6 Mini Steak Burgers in pack of 6, 270g


From the 'butcher's favourites' Ribeye Steaks, to burgers, sausages and chops, this pack has it all. We've even thrown in some crispy Alpine Fries to round it off!