Bone-in Lamb Steaks

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  • Barnsley Lamb Chops
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    Barnsley Lamb Chops

    This old-fashioned cut is full of flavour
  • 4x Lamb Leg Steaks
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    4x Lamb Leg Steaks

    Hearty steaks on the bone
  • Double Lamb Loin Chops
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    Double Lamb Loin Chops

    Extra-thick and juicy Lamb Loin Chops
  • Lamb Loin Cutlets
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    Lamb Loin Cutlets

    Beautifully neat and tender, these hand-trimmed cutlets are a joy to behold. Our butchers have sliced them from racks of lamb, leaving some tasty fat on the bone to keep them extra juicy. Fry them quickly and rest them well for perfectly lush, pink lamb – what a treat!

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  • Spiced Lamb Chops

    Spiced Lamb Chops

    Give your taste buds a treat!

5 Item(s)