Rump Steaks

Rump Steaks

Rump steak comes from the back haunches of the animal and has worked with every step these outdoor reared beasts have taken as they graze the fields. All this work means it has a full, deep, beefy flavour and a definite ‘bite’. Our beef rump steak is aged for a full 35 days, or longer, until it’s tender enough to be seared as a steak.

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  • Pave rump steaks on wooden board
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    Pavé Rump Steaks, 170g

    Hearty texture with a rich and beefy taste
  • Pave rump medallions on white paper
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    Pavé Rump Medallions 240g

    Smaller versions of our thick-cut Pavé steaks - neat little cuts with big flavour.
  • Raw minute rump steak on white surface
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    Minute Rump Steaks

    A lean Steak with a rich beefy flavour that will cook in minutes

7 Item(s)