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  • Braised Red Cabbage in white dish
    SAVE £4.00

    Braised Red Cabbage

    Sweet and sharp red cabbage, braised until tender and silky
  • 16 Potato Rösti
    SAVE £2.00

    16 Potato Rösti

    Savoury, soft, yet deliciously crispy
  • 4 Caramelised Carrots
    SAVE £3.00

    4 Caramelised Carrots

    Tender batons of carrot in a sweet, buttery glaze
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    8x packs Alpine Fries

    At last – the addictive qualities of potato rösti in a crispy chip!
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    SAVE £1.50

    Large Potato Rösti

    Go large! Top with all sorts and tuck in, or slice to share
  • 12x Polenta Fritters
    SAVE £1.25

    12x Polenta Fritters

    Crisp, golden maize medallions
    4-6 SERVINGS

14 Item(s)