With enigmatic names like Flat Iron, Bavette and Skirt, the traditions of cutting these steaks go back a long way. But only recently have they seen a renaissance with food journalists and celebrity chefs. In fact, these speciality steak cuts have been named among the hottest steak trends to watch out for, creating a surge of popularity in the restaurant-going British public.

Watch these videos to see our Head Butcher, Mark, cut these steaks and Head Chef, Stefan, cook them.

Speciality Steaks Range

Head Butcher, Mark Farquhar, gives a brief introduction to our speciality steaks range.

Picanha Steaks

This lean, juicy cut from the rump is a staple of Brazil, where it is grilled on swords! Sear it with a little chilli and lime – perfect with those big, bold, beefy flavours.

Flat Iron Steaks

Also known as featherblade steak, flat iron is cut from the shoulder, so has good marbling, a firm bite and deep flavour.

Chuck Eye Steaks

Cut from where the flavoursome shoulder (or ‘chuck’) and the well marbled ribeye meet. Rich and juicy, just like ribeye but with a little more bite.

Bavette Steaks

A lean, firm steak with a robust, beefy flavour. Bavette is a delicacy in France and Latin America – fantastic marinated and served rare.

Onglet Steaks

Butchers used to keep this secretive cut for themselves! Onglet (or ‘hanger steak’) is a totally unworked muscle so is very tender, and has an intense, deeply beefy flavour.

Skirt Steaks

A thin and tasty steak with a loose grain and definite bite. Also known as diaphragm steak, this must be cooked briskly, and enjoyed very pink.