Speciality Steaks: our chef's guide

Cook to Perfection - 5 golden rules

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Pavé Rump Steaks1. Prepare the meat
About 20 minutes before you start cooking, remove the defrosted meat from its packaging. Pat dry with kitchen paper and allow the meat to ‘bloom’ and come to room temperature.

Pavé Rump Steaks with Oil2. Preheat your pan
Make sure your griddle or frying pan is preheated to the highest temperature before you start to cooking. Brush the steak with oil all over, avoiding using too much, and place into the hot pan - it should sizzle.

Pan-frying Pavé Rump Steaks3. Sear hot and fast
Cook the steak for the recommended time. Cook on one side first, turning just once. Be careful not to overcook these steaks as they will get tough if cooked further than medium-rare.

Resting Pan-frying Pavé Rump Steaks4. Rest your steaks
Once cooked rest your steak. During resting the steak will develop its full flavour and juicy texture. Place the steak onto a rack, cover loosely with foil and leave to rest for at least 5 minutes before serving.

Cooked Pan-frying Pavé Rump Steak5. Slice and serve!
Finally use a razor-sharp, unserrated knife to cut your steak into thin slices across the grain. To find the grain, identify the natural striations or lines on the surface of the meat, and then cut your slices at right angles to them. Slicing like this will shorten the grain of the meat, lessen its natural 'bite' and create as tender an eating experience as possible.

Cooking times for each Speciality Steak cut



Searing time per side

Searing time per side

Minimum rest time

 Picanha  1-1½ mins  2-2½ mins  10 mins
 Flat Iron  1 min  1-1½ mins  10 mins
 Chuck Eye  1-1½ mins  2-2½ mins  10 mins
 Onglet  1-1½ mins  2-2½ mins  10 mins
 Bavette  1 min  1½-2 mins  10 mins
 Skirt  1 min  1½-2 mins  10 mins


Rare Steak Medium Rare Steak Medium Steak Well Done Steak

Rare (Blue)

Press test: Soft
Internal temp 45-47ºC
The meat is bloody
The juices are dark red

Medium Rare

Press test: Soft yet springy
Internal temp 50-52ºC
The centre of the meat is bloody
The juices are light red

Medium (à point)

Press test: Firm yet springy
Internal temp 55-60ºC
The centre of the meat is pink
The juices are pink

Well Done

Press test: Firm
Internal temp 64-70ºC
The meat is cooked throughout
The juices are clear