Our Slow Cooked Mains - a wealth of delicious slow cooked cuts that are perfectly portioned to feed one or two – it’s like having a chef cook for you every night of the week! They’re so easy – you don’t even need to defrost! Simply heat in as little as 40 minutes from frozen, for a slow cooked restaurant experience, from your oven!

Our chefs have selected some of their favourite, meaty main courses – from bone-in Lamb Fore Shanks, to succulent Pork Cheeks, and even a Half Chicken. They’re rubbed with complementary aromatics – herbs, spices, garlic, lemon and more – and are left to marinate in their own vacuum pouches, creating a wine-enriched sauce in some of the finished dishes.

The pouches are cooked slowly and gently ‘sous vide’ for up to six hours. All the juices which would normally evaporate during roasting are trapped nicely in and around the meat as it cooks. This ensures great flavour and an unmistakably succulent, fall-apart tender texture.

The pre-cooked cuts are then professionally shock-frozen, waiting for you to unlock their deep flavour and fall apart texture.

Half Chicken with Lemon and Herb

A classic half chicken, made extra succulent and pull-apart tender from its 3 hours’ slow cooking. Scattered with parsley and thyme, half a fresh lemon sits nestled underneath the chicken as it cooks – the tangy, savoury flavours permeate the meat beautifully as it roasts to perfection.

Smokey Paprika Chicken Crown

Both lean, tender chicken breasts, kept on the ribcage for a really neat presentation. Dusted with warming paprika, so that a wonderful, subtle smoky flavour infuses the lean meat. Add a splash of cream to the mouth-watering cooking juices for an instant sauce.

Lamb Fore Shanks in Mint Gravy

Sticky, bone-in lamb, cooked for 6 whole hours in a mouth-watering, sweet mint gravy. Casseroled on the bottom, crispy and roasted on the top – this really is the best of both worlds. The meat literally falls off the bone and is so soft you can cut it with the edge of your fork!

Spiced Lamb Shoulder

Rich, boneless lamb shoulder, given a gentle warming kick with cumin, chilli and red pepper. The flavoursome meat flakes naturally with ease, making it even harder to resist picking away at it straight from the oven. Let it rest for a moment and dish up with rice – wow!

Pork Osso Buco in Sage & Onion Gravy

The ‘bone with the hole’, stewed to absolute perfection! The collagen-rich meat has become so tender that it almost falls away from its marrow-rich bone. This combination naturally creates a silky, thick gravy, which our chefs have carefully honed with a little sage and onion - classic.

Pork in Fennel & Red Wine

Intensely tasty, slow cooked pork, peppered with salted fennel seeds and served with a red wine sauce. Our chef has selected pork cheeks for their succulence when slow cooked – once you’ve finished them in the oven, you’ll love the combination of soft, sticky meat and crisp, caramelised ‘crust’!

Pork Shanks in Madeira Sauce

This glorious cut from the shin has been cooked for 6 long hours! It’s now sliding-off-the-bone tender and beautifully sweetened by its light, satiny, homemade gravy. Flecked with parsley and bay, and cooked with the finest dry Madeira wine, Port and cider vinegar.