Slow Cooked Beef Olives in Onion & Ale Gravy

A traditional Scottish favourite in a rich, dark English ale gravy - the perfect match!
  • The thinnest steak wrapped around a tasty beef, pork and bacon-based stuffing
  • Stuffing made from our own minced grass-fed steak and free range pork
  • Naturally rich and flavoursome - no artificial colourings or flavour enhancers
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Box Contains:
    • 4 Slow Cooked Beef Olives in Onion & Ale Gravy, in packs of 2, 320g per pack

Four Beef Olives - thin slices of grass-fed steak wrapped around a delicious minced steak, pork and bacon stuffing, with flecks of tender carrot. All slow cooked to perfection in a rich beef gravy with onions, parsley, thyme and golden English ale.