Sirloin Steaks & Mini Steak Burgers

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Everybody loves sirloin, because it has a wonderfully beefy flavour, yet it's almost as tender as fillet. These flavoursome little burgers are made from our own grass-fed steak and beef and nothing else - not even salt or pepper - and hold their shape beautifully.
  • Cut from prime grass-fed, fully matured beef Our butchers 'special trim' these steaks, free of surplus fat Convenient 'taster' pack - ideal to add on to a larger order 4 servings plus 12 Min Burgers
Box Contains:

  • 4 Sirloin Steaks, individually packed (pack weight 210g)
  • 12 Mini Steak Burgers, 3 packs of 4 (pack weight 180g)