What is a Serving?

This guide will help you to calculate quantities easily.

People's appetites vary depending on age, profession, lifestyle and also time of year. Regarding this you can round the portion sizes up or down. All suggestions are for raw, uncooked products.

When serving a menu calculate less than for a single main course.

For a main course portion we recommend for an adult the following quantities:

    Metric   Imperial
Beef, Veal, Game and Pork:
Without bones   100g - 250g   4oz - 10oz
With bones   200g - 350g   8oz - 14oz
Offal:   125g - 175g   5oz - 7oz  
In pieces   100g - 250g   6oz - 10oz  
Whole   300g - 400g   12oz - 16oz
Without Bones   120g - 200g   5oz - 8oz
With Bones   150g - 250g   6oz - 10oz
Sauces:   50ml - 100ml   1¾ floz - 3½ floz
Vegetables & Potatoes:
As Accompaniment (prepared)   125g - 200g   5oz - 8oz
As Main Course (prepared)   300g - 350g   12oz - 14oz
Rice & Noodles:
As Accompaniment (raw)   50g - 75g   2oz - 3oz
As Main Course (raw)   75g - 100g   3oz - 4oz
Soups:   125ml - 250ml   4½ floz - 9 floz

Metric Conversion 25g/1oz
Note: Please follow one set of measures, do not mix them.