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For customers of Saga: Royal Warrant holding butcher Donald Russell brings you this amazing offer direct to your door...

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  • Fish Cakes with Vegetable Side Dishes
    SAVE £9.25

    Fish Cakes with Vegetable Side Dishes

    Fresh haddock, salmon and smoked haddock, combined with a little mashed potato and a twist of lemon.
  • Pork Sausages
    SAVE £14.00

    Pork Sausages

    Hand made by our butchers
  • Summer Cheesecake Selection
    SAVE £5.00

    Summer Cheesecake Selection

    Indulge in the fruity, seasonal tastes of summer
  • Chateaubriand
    SAVE £10.00


    An unforgettable eating experience!
  • 2x Lamb Racks
    SAVE £13.00

    2x Lamb Racks

    These look spectacular and taste divine
  • Classic Steak Burgers
    SAVE £13.50

    Classic Steak Burgers

    Family favourites in a convenient size

12 Item(s)