Rustic Ravioli Selection with Peperonata

Rustic Ravioli Selection with Peperonata

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Fresh, handmade pasta, stuffed with 4 delicious fillings, from beef ragu to baby spinach and creamy cheeses, in ‘mezzalune’ and ‘triangolo’ shapes. Serve up with our vibrant Peperonata, full of the Mediterannean flavours of sweet onion, courgette, aubergine, mushrooms, and of course, lots and lots of sun-ripened peppers.
  • So good - hand made by artisans using fresh egg pasta and exquisite all-natural ingredients
  • Unbelievably easy – simply simmer the pasta, strain, and dress with the heated Peperonata
  • From freezer to plates in under 10 minutes!
Box Contains:

    • 1 Ravioli Peperonata, 220g
    • 1 Ravioli Pesto Pinoli, 220g
    • 1 Ravioli Ragù e Malanzane, 220g
    • 1 Ravioli Triangolo Spinaci, 220g
    • 2 packs, Peperonata, 220g per pack

  • Ravioli Peperonata on white backgroud
  • Ravioli Ragù e Malanzane on blue patterned plate
  • Ravioli Pesto Pinoli on white plate
  • Ravioli Triangolo Spinaci on blue patterned plate
  • Peperonata in serving bowl
Frozen at the peak of perfection