Guide to Ribeye - Cuts Available


On The Bone


Carvery Rib Roast on the bone

Carvery Rib Roast

Available in:

3.5kg Carvery Rib Roast

Suitable for: Traditional Roasting only

Servings: 7 big or 12 small

• De-boned for easy carving
• Tied onto the bone for extra flavour
• Easy to lift the meat off the bone- just snip the strings
• Impressive centrepiece
• Traditionally matured for up to 28 days
• Good marbling for great flavour and tenderness
Rib Roasts

Rib Roasts

Available in:
2kg 2-bone Roast,
2.5kg 2-bone Roast,
4.5kg 5-bone Roast,

Suitable for: Traditional roasting

Servings: 2kg - 6-7, 2.5kg - 8-9, 4.5kg - 12-14

• Traditionally matured for up to 28 days.
• Expertly trimmed and tied by hand
• Rich marbling to keep them juicy
• Spectacular centrepiece

Boneless Roasts


Ribeye Roast

Ribeye Roast

Available in:

950g Ribeye Roast

Suitable for: traditional roasting

• 950g Roast - 3-4

• Ideal boneless family roast
• Delicious served hot or cold


Ribeye Roll

Ribeye Roll

Available in:

1.5kg Family Roast
3kg Large Family Roast

Suitable for: traditional roasting,

• 1.5kg Roast - 4-6
• 3kg Roast - 8-12

• Ideal boneless Large family roast
• Delicious served hot or cold




Ribeye Steaks

Ribeye Steaks

Available in:

210g Ribeye Steaks in packs of 1 or 4

230g Ribeye Steaks in pack of 6

270g Ribeye Steaks in pack of 4

Suitable for: pan-frying, barbecueing, pan-to-oven

Servings: 1 per steak

• Natural Marbling for a rich flavour
• Our butchers' favourite
• Try them with seared cherry tomatoes and rosemary - delicious!


Minute Ribeye Steak

Minute Ribeye Steaks

Available in:

110g Steaks in packs of 1 and 8,

Suitable for: pan- frying, barbecueing

Servings: 1 per steak

• Ever-popular ribeye in a smaller portion
• Cut from finest quality grass-fed beef
• Quick to cook for tasty snacks and meals
• Perfect for the ultimate steak sandwich


Carnivore's Ribeye Steak

Steaks on the bone

Available in:

290g Rib Steak, bone-in

700g Carnivore's Rib Steak, bone-in

430g Carnivore's Ribeye Steak

Suitable for: pan- frying, grilling, pan-to-oven roasting

Servings: 1-2 servings per steak

• A real meat-eater's steak - big and juicy
• Big enough to share - if you want to!