Beef Rib Trim & Beef Shin Selection

Two slow cook classic cuts!

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Both of these cuts are firm favourite for casseroles. The shin of beef is intensely flavoursome and holds its shape well in casseroles and hearty stews. Our beef rib trim is a flavoursome meat, ideal for slow cooking, this unusual cut has proved immensely popular ever since we first offered it. The beefy taste has the same depth and richness as one of our ribeye steaks.
  • Our richest, most flavoursome slow cook cuts
  • Prepared and hand cut from our own grass-fed, fully matured beef
  • Ideal for beef casseroles
  • 8-12 Servings
Box Contains:

  • 2 packs Beef Rib Trim (pack weight 440g)
  • 2 packs Shin of Beef, boneless (pack weight 440g)
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Storage Conditions: Supplied frozen: - Store at <-18C
Recommended Shelf Life for opened pack :
Frozen: - Once defrosted - Store between 0 - 5C - Use within 24 hours
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