Game Bird Recipes

Game Bird Recipes

All our game birds are kitchen ready, so we've done the hard work for you. All you need to do now is choose, which bird to try, and how to cook it. And we can help with that too…

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  • Walnut Coated Pheasant Breast Fillets

    Walnut Coated Pheasant Breast Fillets

    Serve with pan fried Red Cabbage
    4-8 SERVINGS
  • Tandoori Grouse

    Tandoori Grouse

    A venison recipe from a reluctant housedad
  • Fresh & Easy Game Stir-fry

    Fresh & Easy Game Stir-fry

    When was the last time you tried venison, or pheasant, or partridge? If you’re one of the many who think wild game needs days of marinating or difficult, skilful cooking, think again! This easy and super-fast recipe proves that the deep and varied flavours of wild venison, pheasant or partridge can bring fresh excitement to any weeknight – in less than 15 minutes!

7 Item(s)