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The nation’s favourite comfort food! When the nights draw in and there’s a nip in the air, browse through these classic casserole recipes for thrifty, hearty meals to warm your cockles …

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  • Classic Rib Trim Casserole

    Classic Rib Trim Casserole

    The casserole that packs the ‘wow’ factor without having to put in any effort! Supereasy to make, its classic flavours let the meat take centre-stage. Rib Trim is beef with added oomph – it softens and renders, producing perhaps the richest, most flavoursome beef casserole you’ve ever tasted. One-pot cooking at its very best.
  • Marinated Venison Ragout

    Marinated Venison Ragout

    We don’t cook with venison often enough! The lean, wild meat has a deep flavour and takes a punchy marinate such as this really well. With wine, juniper, allspice and nutmeg, the finished dish is a real, warming taste of autumn. So take your time, enjoy the slow, gentle cooking process, and get ready for something really moreish.
  • Braised Beef Brisket with Brown Ale

    Braised Beef Brisket with Brown Ale

    The Sunday lunch casserole with a whole joint of beef! Pour over the beer on Saturday, let it marinate overnight, then pop it in the oven Sunday morning. By the time you’ve read the papers it will be so tender you can cut the meat with a spoon!
  • Sausage, Bacon & Bean Cassoulet

    Sausage, Bacon & Bean Cassoulet

    A British take on the French Cassoulet! Wonderfully thick and hearty, and made with our favourite traditional British pork sausages and bacon. It’s super-fast for a casserole too and ready, as if by magic, within the hour. Abracadabra! A really deep, comforting, saucy stew with minimum time or effort.
  • Minced Steak Cobbler

    Minced Steak Cobbler

    Saucy minced beef, topped with a scone-style cobbler dumpling! This is a great recipe with a really old-fashioned flavour that won’t break the bank, using the best ingredients to guarantee a perfect result. Because the beef is minced, you’ll find that a little goes a long, long way - as does your money.
  • Lamb Fore Shanks with Lemon Thyme

    Lamb Fore Shanks with Lemon Thyme

    The rich flavour of grass-fed lamb, given a light, zesty twist – just lovely! By using the smaller lamb fore shanks you get all the extra taste of cooking the meat on the bone, and they all fit neatly in your pot, too. Serve two per person for an intriguing casserole that would be as at home at a dinner party as it would, well, served at home!
  • Sweet & Smoky Beef Shin Casserole

    Sweet & Smoky Beef Shin Casserole

    Slow cooked beef with a smoky southern punch! A truly ‘cheffy’ combination of unusual gourmet ingredients – chillies, maple syrup and even coffee – creates this impeccably deep and rich casserole. The glorious smell alone will draw you to the kitchen, and that’s before you taste the falling-apart chunks of tender beef shin!
  • Chicken Thighs in a Creamy Wild Mushroom Sauce

    Chicken Thighs in a Creamy Wild Mushroom Sauce

    The cream of the mushroom crop meets succulent chicken thigh, cooked on the bone part-fried and part-poached for the most delicious meat that melts into the sauce! Extra deep autumnal flavour, on the plate in just over an hour.
  • Creamy Braised Pork Mini Shanks with Cider & Mustard

    Creamy Braised Pork Mini Shanks with Cider & Mustard

    Pork and cider is such a natural pairing, perhaps because in days gone by, pigs were often fattened on windfall apples. In this tasty recipe, the pork is slow cooked in cider with Dijon mustard and cream, in the Normandy style. For something a little bit special, we’ve chosen well-flavoured Pork Mini Shanks that become so tender the meat just falls off the bone!

10 Item(s)