Potato Sides

Crisp, golden patties of shredded potato - pan-fry from frozen in minutes

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  • Large potato rosti on wood
    SAVE UP TO £1.50

    Large Potato Rösti

    Go large! Top with all sorts and tuck in, or slice to share
  • Ham and cheese rosti melt on wood
    SAVE UP TO £2.50

    Ham & Cheese Rösti Melt

    Hot, melting toastie made with crispy grated-potato rösti squares instead of bread.
  • Rösti Selection

    Rösti Selection

    Crispy, golden potato patties
  • Buttery mashed potato in black dish
    SAVE UP TO £1.50

    Buttery Mashed Potato

    Honest-to-goodness mashed potatoes
  • Potato rosti stacked
    SAVE UP TO £2.00

    Potato Rösti

    Savoury, soft, yet deliciously crispy
  • Potato and bacon rosti with bacon and egg

    Potato & Bacon Rösti

    Smoky bacon, finely chopped, adds flavour like only bacon can.

10 Item(s)