Pork Belly Bone-In

The crackling-lover's favourite

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A really rich, soft, tender cut that will yield crackling to die for! Roast whole or cut into strips and prepare to be wowed. The tasty seams of fat add so much flavour and juiciness - not much wonder this great value cut is back in favour.
Head Chef's Tip:For beautifully crispy crackling, I suggest you carefully pour a freshly boiled kettle of water over this cut before you cook it. Pat it dry, then rub plenty of salt into the skin, which we've pre-scored for you. This gives delicious, crunchy crackling - my favourite.
  • Traditional pork cut on the bone for extra flavour
  • Free-range pork
  • Delicious rich, great value, old-fashioned cut
Box Contains:

    • 1 Pork Belly, Bone-in (pack weight 1.2kg)

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To view or print our Pork Belly with potatoes recipe Click Here
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Product Reviews

Pork Belly Bone-In
Overall Rating
Truly scrumptious
Followed instructions exactly - poured boiling water/patted dry/rubbed salt and little 5 spice seasoning on crackling. Cooked Reg 3 for 90mins then 30 mins high and rested. Tender, tasty, husband said best crackling ever. Did 2 huge portions plus loads left for sandwiches and scraps for our greyhounds dinner. Will definitely buy again. Yes, only a few very tiny bones but it sliced beautifully.
By Judy - 15th Mar 2015
Cooked Chinese-style
I've just ordered another pack of these amazingly economical and delicious cuts of pork. I tried my first one a week or so ago and loved it. I chose to try it first cooked Chinese-style, rubbed over before cooking with some 5-spice paste (5-spice powder would work too) which is easy to buy ready-made or make yourself. (The internet has recipes.) Then I added some extra grated fresh ginger and some crushed garlic, again rubbed all over, plus water to partly cover the flesh, and cooked it covered for several hours until the marbled fat had melted into the meat and it was all meltingly tender. (In retrospect I could have cooked it equally well without liquid, I think, but I wanted the flavoured juice to make the sauce to go with the rice I served it with) I recommend this approach if you want to try a change from the traditional British method. Next time I'm going to try without any extra flavouring — it certainly didn't need it last time — and already I can hardly wait to try that crackling! At normal price it's excellent value for two substantial pieces of meat. At the current special offer price it's a snip. I'm stocking up.
By Aileen - 1st Sep 2014
Fantastic meal
Slow cooked this for approx. 2 hours and then removed the crackling form the top cut into ribs, but hardly any bone, loads of succulent tasty pork, I then covered it in homemade sticky BBQ sauce and reheated for another 30 mins along with the cracking on a separate tray and it was delicious, served 4 of us ( 4 adults) along with new potatoes, sweetcorn, onion rings and garlic bread. Will be buying more for summer BBq's
By Haze - 26th Feb 2014