18x Pork, Apple & Chive Sausages

Wonderful texture, with juicy chunks of apple

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Prime UK Freedom Food pork is coarsely chopped and blended with juicy chunks of apple and chopped chives for a delicious, sweet flavour and wonderful texture.
  • Hand made by our butchers
  • High meat content of up to 80%
  • Made using UK Freedom Food pork shoulder meat
  • Natural casing
Box Contains:

    • 18 Pork, Apple & Chive Sausages, in packs of 6 (pack weight 420g)

  Professionally shock frozen
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Storage: Store below -18ºC to -25ºC
Freezer Shelf life: 12 months use by date stated on label
Defrost: Defrost in a refrigerator and use within 48 hours
Once defrosted do not re-freeze
Shelf life once defrosted: Use within 48 hours
Wheat, Gluten, Sulphite.
Cooking guidelines from defrosted/frozen
Remove all packaging. Separate the sausages using a sharp knife. Do not prick sausages.
Combination of par-boiling and frying, BBQ or grilling
Add the sausages to boiling water, reduce heat and gently simmer for 10 minutes from defrosted or 20 minutes from frozen. Drain, pat dry, brush with oil all over and either fry, bbq or grill for 5-8 minutes.
Pan Fry: Heat a little oil in a frying pan. Cook on a medium heat 15-20 minutes from defrosted. Turn occasionally.
BBQ: BBQ for 18-20 minutes from defrosted. Turn regularly to avoid charring.
Grill: Pre-heat grill to medium. Place sausages on grill rack for 14-18 minutes from defrosted. Turn occasionally.
Ingredients: Pork (72%), Water, Dried Apple (6%), Rusk (contains wheat flour, salt), Salt, Brown Sugar, Chive Flakes, Spices, Stabiliser (sodium diphosphate), Preservative (sodium metabisulphite) Filled into Natural Pork Sausage Casings.

Nutritional Information:Per Sausage (raw, typical per 70g) Energy 892kj/215kcal,Protein 8.2g, Fat 17.3g of which saturated 8.4g, Carbohydrate 6.6g of which is sugar 2.5g, Fibre 0.3g, Sodium 0.4g

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