Introducing our Pizza Italiano

Presenting your home delivery of pizza from Italy!

Enjoy a sophisticated slice of Italian food culture whenever you fancy

Hand tossed bases that are thin, crisp and light

Authentic toppings, featuring Italian tomatoes, basil and extra virgin olive oil

Exciting pizza styles, rare outside of Italy

Convenient individual portions as well as sizes for slicing and sharing – 10 in all to try!

Bake them straight from frozen for a pizzeria experience from your own oven

You’ll be enjoying perfect pizza in just 14 tomatoes, basil and extra virgin olive oil minutes!

At last – true Italian pizza, delivered direct to your home, from Donald Russell. And what pizza!

It will come as no surprise that Donald Russell Managing Director, Tazio Gagliardi, with his obvious Italian heritage, is a pizza aficionado. When he couldn’t wait to get these home, we knew they were the genuine article. This is pizza for grownups, as enjoyed by generations of Italians.

It’s all made in Italy of course – by hand, in the small town of Fregona, Veneto, about 40 miles north of Venice – and is authentically Italian from start to finish. One bite and you’ll be hooked…

The dough is made in the traditional way, using Italian durum wheat and Italian extra virgin olive oil. It’s hand pulled and tossed to be light as air – perfectly thin and with a crisp crust.

The sauce is fresh and deceptively simple, like the best Italian cooking. Just Italian tomatoes, with Italian basil, and a little salt. Then come the toppings! Grilled Mediterranean vegetables, thinly sliced Prosciutto Cotto and pearls of fresh, creamy mozzarella. And that’s just the beginning...

Pizza Styles

You can go for the classic pizzeria round shape. Or sample the master Pizzailo’s art through our unusual Barchetti, Frusti and Rettangolari – exciting styles, little known outside of Italy.

Savour the tastes of Napoli and Roma. You can do all this without having to go further than your own kitchen, as all of these pizzas bake beautifully, straight from frozen in your home oven.

Classico StyleCLASSICO

The classic round, pizzeria-style pizza, in a 10” size, suitable for serving one, or sharing between two as a larger supper, with a fresh green ‘insalata mista’.

Rettangolare StyleRETTANGOLARE

A rectangular pizza that’s perfect for sharing. A delicious dinner for 2-4, slice it into squares, fingers, or even cross-cut into small diamonds for parties.

Mini Barchetta StyleMINI BARCHETTA

This small oval 7” pizza for one translates as ‘little boat’. It’s certainly the ideal vessel for transporting its precious cargo of toppings to your tastebuds!

Mini Frusta StyleMINI FRUSTA

This unusual 6” pizza is part folded, the dough pinched in the middle to expose slashes of delicious topping on either side. The perfect snack for one; clean and easy to eat for quick lunches on the go.

Authentic Toppings

Margherita: Simplicity at its best. Fresh pulped tomatoes, simply seasoned with salt and oregano, topped with torn fresh mozzarella. This is the basis of all our toppings.

Prosciutto e Mascarpone: Italian style cooked ham, ‘Prosciutto Cotto’, with thin, melting pats of fresh tasting, creamy mascarpone.

Quattro Stagioni: Four delicious Italian seasons represented on one pizza! Artichokes for spring, ripe peppers for summer, mushrooms for autumn, and Prosciutto Cotto for winter.

Verdure Grigliate: Grilled Mediterranean vegetables – ribbons of zucchini (courgette), thin disks of melanzane (aubergine), and peperone rosso (red peppers).

Traditional Italian Pizza Selection


Authentic, traditional Italian pizzas, hand made in Italy

Perfect in every detail, from the hand tossed dough to the fresh toppings

Each traditional round 10” pizza is a generous serving for one, or share between two with a fresh salad

Ready from your own oven in just 14 minutes from frozen

Prosciutto Mascarpone Pizza

Eat like a native Italian! This is the way pizza is served in a traditional pizzeria – each person sits down to a full round of their own. Thin, crispy, and authentically Italian, this is the sophisticated way to enjoy proper pizza at home.

Traditional Italian Pizza Selection

1 Pizza Margherita, 310g
1 Pizza Prosciutto e Mascarpone, 360g

Classico Style

Classic Italian Pizza Selection


Hand tossed, thin and crispy pizzas, authentically crafted in Italy

Oven bake for just 14 minutes from frozen until crisp, burnished and ready to slice

Delightful toppings, featuring ripe Italian tomatoes, gourmet artichoke antipasti and more

Pizza Margherita
Celebrate Italian food culture at its simplest and best with a hand made Pizza Margherita, or enjoy four seasons in a day with our Quattro Stagioni. Pour the wine, pick up a slice and imagine you’re eating out in a warm Italian Piazza…

Classic Italian Pizza Selection

1 Pizza Margherita, 310g
1 Pizza Quattro Stagioni, 380g

Classico Style

Vegetarian Italian Pizza Selection


Thin and crispy, pizzeria-style individual pizzas, hand made in Italy

Reap the flavours of ripe Italian tomatoes and sun-soaked Mediterranean veg!

Simply pop in your oven from frozen for 14 minutes and you’ll be enjoying a slice of la dolce vita

Pizza Margherita
Anyone who has been to Italy will appreciate the value placed on the freshest, ripest ingredients, and that’s evident in every bite of these ‘deliziose’ vegetarian pizzas. Italian tomatoes, plus grilled zucchini, melanzane and peperone rosso give such a big flavour!

Vegetarian Italian Pizza Selection

1 Pizza Margherita, 310g
1 Pizza Verdure Grigliate, 380g

Classico Style

Italian Sharing Pizza Selection


Light and crisp, authentic Italian tray pizzas, big on natural flavour

Hand made in Italy; delivered direct to your door

Ideal for slicing and sharing – also perfect for parties

Pizza presto! Feed your family in under 15 minutes from frozen

Napolentana Rectangular Pizza
Gather around the family table for an authentic Italian experience – you provide the animated conversation, and we’ll provide the pizza! Their original rectangular shape is ideal for slicing and sharing however you like.

Italian Sharing Pizza Selection

1 Rettangolare Pizza Napoletana, 515g
1 Rettangolare Pizza Prosciutto e Mascarpone, 510g

Classico Style

Italian Mini Pizza Selection


Unusual mini pizza styles rare outside of Italy

Hand made with light, crisp, Italian durum wheat dough and authentic toppings

Each pizza serves one – ideal for supper, snacks or lunch

Ready from your own oven in just 14 minutes from frozen

Mini Frusta Pizzas
These unusual pizza styles are hard to find outside of Italy. ‘Barchetta’ means ‘little boat’ and these 7” oval pizzas are the perfect vessels for their precious cargo of Italian toppings! The folded Mini Frustas are clean and easy to eat – ideal for a quick and delicious lunch on the go.

Italian Mini Pizza Selection

1 Mini Barchetta Prosciutto e Mascarpone, 110g
1 Mini Barchetta Verdure, 120g
1 Mini Frusta Margherita, 100g
1 Mini Frusta Prosciutto, 100g

Classico Style