Create the wonderfully comforting dishes of days gone by, with this old-fashioned favourite.
The famous ingredient of perhaps the best warming winter soup ever, Oxtail is also fabulous for making rich stews - the bone marrow adds a sticky, glossy texture that's impossible to beat. Ours is cut from the thicker top part of the tail, so while the pieces will vary in size, the difference shouldn't be too great.
  • Prepared from our own top quality, grass-fed UK beef
  • Cut from the superior top of the tail, giving more meat for your money
  • The aroma and taste will bring back happy memories - and create new ones, too!
  Professionally shock frozen
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£18.33 per kg
Box Contains:

  • 1 pack Oxtail, bone-in 4-6 pieces
    (pack weight 600g)
2 servings
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£13.33 per kg
Box Contains:

    • 2 packs Oxtail, bone in, 4-6 pieces per pack (pack weight 600g)

4 servings
Code: D1415
£18.33 per kg
Box Contains:

    • 3 packs Oxtail, bone in, 4-6 pieces per pack (pack weight 600g)

4-6 servings
Code: D172
Storage Conditions: Store at < -18ºC (Supplied frozen)
Recommended Shelf Life once defrosted: Store between 0 - 5ºC - Use within 24 hours
Defrost in fridge overnight. Remove meat from packaging and cook as per Meat perfection guide for 2½ to 2¾ hours until tender.

Suitable cooking methods: Click desired method for printable guide
Traditional Braising

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Winter's comfort food
To add to my pos. review yesterday, for those customers looking for a hotter oxtail dish, from my years spent working in Malaysia, I'd recommend you try their traditional recipe Oxtail Assam Pedas. Delicious meals, but you may wish to go easy on the chillis!
By Ronald - 10th Dec 2014
Very good
I followed, more or less, a recipe of Matt Tebbutt's and found the oxtail truly delicious. I cooked them for a min. of 3 hours with a good mix of winter veg., and the meat slid off the bone. Perfect for a cold wintry day. Served with a carafe of Cotes du Rhone. Can recommend them.
By Ronald - 9th Dec 2014