Nurnberger Sausages

A really meaty traditional treat
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These long, slim continental sausages have been sold on the streets of Nuremberg since the Middle Ages. They’re made with 95% pure free-range pork, and seasoned with a blend of savoury spices including marjoram and caraway.
  • Gluten free recipe and all-natural ingredients
  • Lean, firm texture from its exceptionally high meat content - 95%!
  • A traditional continental treat – try it with sauerkraut or horseradish
  Professionally shock frozen
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4x Nurnberger Sausages
£16.67 per kg
Box Contains:

    • 4 Nurnberger Sausages,
      in pack of 4, 180g pack
2 servings
Code: A509
16x Nurnberger Sausages
Box Contains:

    • 16 Nurnberger Sausages,
      in packs of 4, 180g per pack
8 servings
Code: D1990