Minute Rump Steaks

Tasty meals in minutes

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These thinly cut steaks are so easy to cook and are bursting with rump flavour.
  • Thin-cut steaks that are quick to cook
  • Ideal for a steak sandwich, or to serve with fries
  • Top quality grass-fed, fully matured beef
  • 6 servings
Box Contains:

    • 6 Minute Rump Steaks, individually packed (pack weight 110g)

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Storage Conditions: - Store at <-18ºC
Fresh Shelf Life for opened pack - Use within 3 days of opening
Frozen Shelf Life for opened pack, Once defrosted - Store between 0 - 5ºC - Use within 24 hours
Suitable cooking methods:
Pan Frying
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Product Reviews

Minute Rump Steaks
Overall Rating
What a surprise!
Well, I don't really know why I was surprised, but I wasn't really expecting anything from these. Minute steak isn't exactly gourmet eating. However, I received them in a gift package and last night, they came out of the freezer for dinner. I dried them off with kitchen towel, heated a griddle with a tiny bit of olive oil until it was smoking, then slapped these beauties on. 50 seconds later, I flipped them and counted another 50 seconds before transferring them to a warm plate in a 50C oven for a couple of minutes while I served everything else up.
As I served them, I sprinkled them with a little sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Well, the flavour! They were rare in the middle, very tender and jam-packed with beefiness. Who knew minute steaks could be so delicious?!
I shall definitely be ordering these again. Thanks to my Mum for introducing me to them!
By Fiona - 22nd Mar 2013