Minute Rump Steak

A lean Steak with a rich beefy flavour that will cook in minutes

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These thinly cut steaks are so easy to cook and are bursting with rump flavour.
  • Matured for over 30 days to ensure a firm and juicy bite
  • Thin-cut steak that is quick to cook
  • Ideal for a steak sandwich, or to serve with fries
Box Contains:

    • 1 Minute Rump Steak (pack weight 170g)

  Professionally shock frozen
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Storage Conditions: Store at < -18ºC (Supplied frozen)
Recommended Shelf Life once defrosted:
Store between 0 - 5ºC Use within 24 hours

Suitable cooking methods: Click desired method for printable guide

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Product Reviews

Minute Rump Steak
Overall Rating
Delicious, Flavoursome.......
Stock up on these little gems of a Steak. Would happily serve these wonderful minute Steaks to family or friends. Lovely taste, although I did rub them steak seasoning instead of the usual salt, and left them for an hour or so before cooking for about 1 and a half minutes each side....needs resting but only for a couple of minutes otherwise the juices will seep out!. I cooked this for myself.....and ate it with a prepared Herb salad from Sainsburys in a Balsamic dressing...Pizza express and Sainsburys tagliatelle pasta with plenty of Anchor spreadable butter and cracked pepper. The reason why I mentioned the ingredients I used is because it was one of the most enjoyable quick meals I have ever had the pleasure of eating...Like I said ...Good enough for friends and family as a main course! The main ingredient, the minute steak.....absolutely wonderful....As a complete meal....Heaven!
By richard - 8th Nov 2011
Delicious....Forgot to Add.....
Very generous portions.....whether it is representative of an average size of portion?....The two minute steaks that I have cooked so far, each one covered about half a normal sized dinner plate!.... Pricey for a minute steak, until you see how much you get and the enjoyment you will have from eating it......It is highly recommended.....One more item to stock up on.... I Need a bigger Freezer........
By richard - 8th Nov 2011