Lamb Casserole Cuts

Prepared from our own top quality grass-fed lamb, these gourmet slow-cook cuts make wonderfully tasty lamb casseroles and stews

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  • Lamb Fore Shanks
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    Lamb Fore Shanks

    The tender meat will just fall off the bone after long, slow cooking
  • 4x Lamb Shoulder Fillets
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    4x Lamb Shoulder Fillets

    Try something different!
    2-4 SERVINGS
  • Lamb Shanks

    Lamb Shanks

    A traditional cut of lamb that's perfect for braising
  • Diced Lamb

    Diced Lamb

    Grass-fed lamb, conveniently diced for casseroles

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  • Diced Lamb Neck Fillet
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    Diced Lamb Neck Fillet

    Perfect for curries, pies, casseroles and stews.

5 Item(s)

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