Half Lamb Rack

Beautifully trimmed half rack of lamb
This attractive, bone-in roast is one of the finest cuts of lamb. Brown it in the pan, then roast gently for a flavour that is simply unbelievable. It looks spectacular, and it's incredibly easy to carve - simply slice down between the bones.
  • 'French-trimmed' by our master butchers
  • Cut from top quality grass-fed lamb loin
  • Convenient 'taster' pack - ideal to add on to a larger order
  Professionally shock frozen
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Half Lamb Rack
£42.50 per kg
Box Contains:

    • Half Lamb Rack, French Trimmed
      (pack weight 200g)

1 servings
Code: L409
Half Lamb Racks
£42.50 per kg
Box Contains:

  • 3 Half Lamb Racks, French Trim, individually packed (pack weight 200g)
3-6 servings
Code: D1230
Storage Conditions: Supplied frozen: - Store at <-18ºC
Recommended Shelf Life for opened pack : Store between 0 - 5ºC - Use within 24 hours
Suitable Cooking Methods: Click desired method for printable guide
Traditional Roasting
Low Temperature Cooking
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Product Reviews

Half Lamb Rack
Overall Rating
The very best
I was raised on a farm with two flocks of Romney Sheep. Slaughtering and butchering was quite normal in those days. I thought I knew my lamb!
I congratulate the DR Team on surpassing the very best I had ever tasted . The Russell team serve the very best! Never before have I tasted so succulent, tasty, tender flavoured lamb! Well done. I will be back as will those guests at my table.
By Yottie - 17th Oct 2013