Lamb Roasting Joints

Our superb joints of gourmet lamb taste wonderfully sweet and succulent, because all our lamb is grass-fed and naturally reared. Each lamb joint is fully matured too, and cut to the highest 'kitchen ready' standards by our master butchers

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  • Lamb Rack
    SAVE UP TO £10.00

    Lamb Rack

    Beautifully trimmed rack of lamb
  • Traditional Rack of Lamb

    Traditional Rack of Lamb

    Easy carve rack of Lamb perfect for pan-to-oven roasting
    2-3 SERVINGS
  • Traditional Lamb Shoulder

    Traditional Lamb Shoulder

    Boned and Rolled Lamb Shoulder to make carving a little easier
  • Lamb Mini Shoulders
    SAVE £7.00

    Lamb Mini Shoulders

    Meltingly tender with a sweet mellow taste
  • Lamb Rack & Roll
    SAVE £8.50

    Lamb Rack & Roll

    A range of our top-selling cuts of lamb
    4-6 SERVINGS
  • Small Boneless Leg of Lamb
    SAVE £9.00

    Small Boneless Leg of Lamb

    Our grass-fed leg of lamb with the bone removed

    Out of stock

  • Short Saddle of Lamb
    SAVE UP TO £7.00

    Short Saddle of Lamb

    Neat, sweet, self-basting lamb roast
  • Lamb Saddle, Easy Carve (bone-in)
    SAVE £15.00

    Lamb Saddle, Easy Carve (bone-in)

    Prepared using Whole Lamb Saddle
    4-7 SERVINGS
  • Mini Roast Trio
    SAVE £10.50

    Mini Roast Trio

    Everyone's favourite - Hand-tied roasts
    6-9 SERVINGS
  • Medium Swiss Cut Leg of Lamb
    SAVE £11.00

    Medium Swiss Cut Leg of Lamb

    Expertly trimmed and ready to cook
    7-8 SERVINGS
  • Medium Boneless Leg of Lamb
    SAVE £11.00

    Medium Boneless Leg of Lamb

    So tasty and a dream to carve
  • Half Lamb Rack

    Half Lamb Rack

    Beautifully trimmed half rack of lamb
  • Mini Pot Roast Selection (Boneless)
    SAVE £13.50

    Mini Pot Roast Selection (Boneless)

    All four mini pot roasts, ready to pop into your freezer and enjoy, any night.
  • Whole Shoulder of Lamb
    SAVE £9.00

    Whole Shoulder of Lamb

    A great value family roast.
  • Lamb Leg, Easy Carve (bone-in)
    SAVE £13.00

    Lamb Leg, Easy Carve (bone-in)

    Let the flavour unfold...
    7-12 SERVINGS

    Out of stock

Showing products 1 - 15 of 23