With its naturally rich and beefy taste, our selection of Pavé Rump Steaks, and Traditional Rump Steaks are sure to please any palate. And for a great value family roast why not give our Heart of Rump Roast or the ever popular Tafelspitz a try - you won't regret it.

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  • Traditional Rump Steaks

    Traditional Rump Steaks

    This Traditional Rump Steak has a layer of fat remaining, unlike our Pavé Rump Steak, giving it even more great flavour.
  • Pavé Rump Steak 150g

    Pavé Rump Steak 150g

    Hearty texture with a rich and beefy taste
  • Topside Mini Roast

    Topside Mini Roast

    A joint with real old-fashioned flavour
  • Tafelspitz
    SAVE £7.00


    Delicious Rump Roast
  • Heart of Rump Roast
    SAVE £6.00

    Heart of Rump Roast

    A great value, tasty roast
    3-4 SERVINGS
  • Pavé Rump Medallions 280g

    Pavé Rump Medallions 280g

    Neat little portions of tasty rump steak

11 Item(s)