Beef Casserole Cuts

Offering top to tail value, our Casserole Cuts are fabulous slow cooked, for great flavour and texture. These old-fashioned cuts offer fantastic value for money, but their taste and quality are comparable to our top cuts.

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  • Beef Rib Trim

    Beef Rib Trim

    The heavy marbling makes this the ultimate cut for richly flavoured stews.
  • Beef Olives

    Beef Olives

    A traditional Scottish dish with a Donald Russell twist
  • Diced Beef Steak, 440g
    SAVE UP TO £10.00

    Diced Beef Steak, 440g

    Offcuts from our top quality steak, diced
  • 8x packs Ox Liver
    SAVE £6.10

    8x packs Ox Liver

    Ox Liver hand sliced and fully kitchen ready
  • Oxtail


    Create the wonderfully comforting dishes of days gone by, with this old-fashioned favourite.
  • Ox Cheeks

    Ox Cheeks

    Rediscover the old-fashioned flavour

Showing products 1 - 15 of 17