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Indulge yourself! Wickedly tempting, rich and luxurious desserts, made with the finest double cream, dark chocolate and plump fruit. Naughty but very, very nice!

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  • Fruit Crumble Selection

    Fruit Crumble Selection

    Traditional crumble bursting with fruit
  • 6x Tiramisu
    SAVE £5.10

    6x Tiramisu you've never tasted before!
  • 6x Chocolate & Pecan Brownies
    SAVE £5.10

    6x Chocolate & Pecan Brownies

    Rich and chocolately with a squidgy centre
  • Dessert Taster
    SAVE £4.50

    Dessert Taster

    A selection of our most popular luxury desserts
  • Cheesecake Selection

    Cheesecake Selection

    Thoroughly addictive
  • Fruit Selection
    SAVE £6.00

    Fruit Selection

    The very finest orchard fruits & wild berries
  • Swiss Ginger Bread Taster
    SAVE £0.80

    Swiss Ginger Bread Taster

    Dark and deliciously sugary, they have a deep, unmistakably festive flavour, with ground ginger among their secret blend of spices.
  • Swiss Ginger Bread Taster

    Swiss Ginger Bread Taster

    The perfect any-time treat!

8 Item(s)