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Whether you're bodybuilding, looking for weight loss or simply following a sensible exercise plan and balanced diet, healthy meals will help you on your way. Take a look at our premium, lean, high protein cuts to make your healthy recipes the best you'll ever taste. Need some low fat recipes? Get in touch on Facebook - we're here to help!

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  • 4x Guinea Fowl Supremes
    SAVE £4.00

    4x Guinea Fowl Supremes

    Rich, gamey flavour, so easy to cook.
  • 4x Honey Roast Salmon Fillets
    SAVE £8.10

    4x Honey Roast Salmon Fillets

    Ready-to-eat individual portions of Freedom Food salmon – ideal hot or cold.
  • Minced Venison
    SAVE UP TO £10.10

    Minced Venison

    Incredibly lean but full of flavour, and less than 2% fat

15 Item(s)