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We are proud to make a carefully selected range of our premium quality products available to buy in Switzerland exclusively with our online partner Le Shop.


Donald Russell packaging

Lamb Rack & Roll

Our French trimmed Lamb Racks are completely free of surplus fat leaving clean, white bones. They use only one loin per rack whereas the boneless
Lamb Saddles, cut from the back, use both and are hand-tied for easy carving.

1 Lamb Rack, individually packed (pack weight 440g)
1 Short Saddle of Lamb, individually packed (pack weight 475g)

4-6 Servings

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Donald Russell packaging

Lamb Box

All these succulent, tender cuts are from the loin, the equivalent of the eye of sirloin in beef. Lean and full of flavour, our valentine steaks and noisettes are hand cut and tied to keep their shape during cooking and the loins make ideal individual portions.

Lamb Valentine Steak, individually packed (pack weight 180g)
2 Lamb Noisettes, indivually packed, individually packed (pack weight 140g)
2 Lamb Loins with Fat, individually packed (pack weight 190g)


6 Servings

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