About Donald Russell - The Scottish Butcher

No meat is more tender or delicious than that from Donald Russell, Royal Warrant holder and Britain's leading mail order meat supplier. Based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, we are a pioneering mail order and online butcher who use only time honoured methods to guarantee the best you'll ever taste.

The range we specialise in is a broad and uncompromising one and all the traditional cuts, including naturally reared beef, pork and lamb. Following customer's requests, we have also recently launched a range of desserts and chef made meals which really bring home the company's mission statement - to provide you with a complete gourmet dining experience in your own home.

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Reasons to buy from us:


Donald Russell packaging
It’s not just a job for the team here who live
and breath the Donald Russell way - bringing
our customers the ‘wow’ factor every time
is a way of life.


Donald Russell packaging
We promise that every one of our team is
committed to making sure the reasons to buy
from Donald Russell are never taken for granted
and to always promise you the very best tasting gourmet food.


Traditional Values

Donald Russell packaging

We promise that every one of our team is
committed to making sure the reasons to buy
from Donald Russell are never taken for granted
and to always promise you the very best tasting gourmet food.


Donald Russell packaging

We are devoted to using only the finest ingredients
and our perseverence in providing this is
supported by suppliers who share the same commitment.



The Butcher's Guide To The Ultimate Quality

You’ve never tasted better – here’s why...

For years we’ve challenged anyone to find meat more delicious
or tender than ours. We have a tenacious Scottish passion to produce
the best meat we can by natural rearing, traditional maturing and
expert butchery. At every step, we resolutely demand high standards
to ensure that every bite is a real delight.

Animal Welfare

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All our animals are of UK origin, from farms
where the highest standards of animal
husbandry are upheld. They are free to graze
on rich green grass most of the year.

Premium Quality Products

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All our beef cattle and lamb graze freely on grass and are only ever sourced from within the United Kingdom. This all natural diet improves the flavour and tenderness of the meat by increasing the internal marbling. We only use natural ingredients in our hand made products and never anything artificial.

The Selection Process

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We only select the finest carcasses and
cuts with optimum weight, marbling and fat
covering. Years of training have taught our
expert buyers how to pick everything by hand
to guarantee you the best quality.


The Maturing Process

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All our beef and lamb is traditionally dry matured on the bone for the very best flavour and taste. Our beef is matured for up to 28 days with meatier cuts like rump exceeding this and our lamb, which is all under 1 year of age, is matured for up to 10 full days.



Trimmed By Hand

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To the highest standards by our team of expert butchers, so you get more meat for your money. They leave just enough fat to give you the best flavour and texture without compromising on quality or quantity of meat


Complete Traceability

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To maintain our commitment to quality and
animal welfare, every single piece of meat is
code-marked and can be traced to the farm.





Fresh, Top Quality, Frozen;
The Benefits of Freezing

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Frozen for you

Once your meat has reached the perfect point of maturation, we cut, vacuum pack and professionally freeze it, just for you. Professionally freezing it locks in the flavour, freshness and quality. The faster that meat is frozen the smaller the ice crystals form, which means less damage is done to the cell structure. Our meat is frozen extremely fast, immediately after cutting, to ultra low temperatures. Using this method means that when you come to cook your product, it still has the same top quality and freshness that it had before freezing.

The finest packaging for the finest meat

Donald Russell meat is sealed in hygienic vacuum packaging. The heavy-weight food-grade vacuum sealed bags help protect against freezer burn and prevent drying out during defrosting. Top chefs prefer their meat packed
this way because it is a natural way to keep the meat fresher for longer. No artificial preservatives or gases are used.

Freezer tips

Always keep frozen meat in original Donald Russell vacuum packaging as it helps prevent freezer burn and makes the best use of space in your freezer. Your meats will last longer and stay in excellent condition if you keep them frozen at -18ºC or below. Upright freezers should not be
overloaded, as this can prevent them operating correctly. Chest freezers, on the other hand, should be filled up, as this helps to keep the temperature down, so your freezer runs more efficiently. Fresh, Top Quality, Frozen The benefits of freezing.

How do I defrost?


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Thawing the meat

Allow plenty of time for your meat to defrost. It’s safer if it can defrost in the fridge, and the meat tastes better too. There will be less drip loss also so the meat will be more succulent.

Never leave meat to thaw in a warm environment, for example next to a central heating boiler, tumble dryer, washing machine or fridge, or even a warm windowsill that catches the sun. This can lead to a risk of food poisoning.

Defrosting times

Steaks: 24 hours in the fridge
Joints: 7-10 hours per 500g in the fridge
Stuffed Game Birds: 24 hours in the fridge

Cook game within 2-3 days of defrosting. Do not re-freeze once defrosted.


Traditionally matured meat can have a slightly darker appearance and slight odour when it is first removed from the vacuum pack. After about 20 minutes of exposure to fresh air the meat regains a bright, natural colour and the odour fades. This natural process is called ‘blooming’



Head Chef - Top tip

If you are short of time place the product, still in its vacuum pack in a clean sink or bowl and leave it under a cold running tap. The more cold water
that can circulate around the product the faster your meat will thaw. This method can reduce the defrosting time by a third to a half but should only be used in an emergency. Do not be tempted to cook from frozen or defrost in the microwave, as this can make your meat tough and dry.