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It’s our butchers’ passion to bring you the best quality meat, hand cut to ensure every bite is a real pleasure. We believe that old-fashioned, top quality food can make every day more enjoyable, which is why we also work hard to bring you tempting savings on your favourite cuts.

Don’t miss out on these tasty offers, as they’re available for a limited time only…

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  • The Butcher's Favourites
    SAVE £30.00

    The Butcher's Favourites

    The name says it all...
  • Crispy Burger Bites

    Crispy Burger Bites

    Deliciously seasoned burger bites
  • Small Sirloin Roast
    SAVE £6.00

    Small Sirloin Roast

    The perfect family roast
    4-5 SERVINGS
  • Free-range Bronze Turkey
    SAVE £15.00

    Free-range Bronze Turkey

    Allow 72 hours to defrost - Ideal for Christmas Dinner
    6-8 SERVINGS
  • The Ultimate Christmas Box
    SAVE £28.75

    The Ultimate Christmas Box

    Allow at Least 72 Hours to Defrost Turkey - The perfect Christmas feast
    6-8 SERVINGS
  • Beef Wellington Log
    SAVE £10.00

    Beef Wellington Log

    Divine centre-cut fillet log encased in all butter pastry.
    4-6 SERVINGS
  • Fillet Steaks 160g
    SAVE £15.00

    Fillet Steaks 160g

    Buttery-tender prime fillet - you won't be disappointed
  • Sirloin Roast, Easy Carve (bone-In)
    SAVE £5.50

    Sirloin Roast, Easy Carve (bone-In)

    Never a more Succulent Roast
    2-3 SERVINGS
  • Pork Fillet En Croûte
    SAVE £5.00

    Pork Fillet En Croûte

    Tender, juicy pork fillet
    4-6 SERVINGS
  • Sirloin Steaks 210g
    SAVE £10.00

    Sirloin Steaks 210g

    Good marbling is what makes Sirloin taste so good
  • Pork Loin Roast, Easy Carve (bone-in)
    SAVE £6.00

    Pork Loin Roast, Easy Carve (bone-in)

    Left on the bone for maximum flavour
    4-7 SERVINGS

    Out of stock

  • Minced Steak
    SAVE £10.00

    Minced Steak

    Bring your recipes to life by using the best 100% beef steak mince, made from our traditionally matured steak offcuts.
  • Chateaubriand
    SAVE £12.00


    An unforgettable eating experience!
    2-3 SERVINGS
  • Pigs in Blankets
    SAVE £3.60

    Pigs in Blankets

    Delicious pork sausages wrapped in bacon
  • Wild Large Atlantic Prawns
    SAVE £2.00

    Wild Large Atlantic Prawns

    Ready cooked & peeled
    4-6 SERVINGS

Showing products 1 - 15 of 42