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It’s our butchers’ passion to bring you the best quality meat, hand cut to ensure every bite is a real pleasure. We believe that old-fashioned, top quality food can make every day more enjoyable, which is why we also work hard to bring you tempting savings on your favourite cuts.

Don’t miss out on these tasty offers, as they’re available for a limited time only…

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  • 4x Fillet Steaks 170g

    4x Fillet Steaks 170g

    Buttery-tender prime fillet - you won't be disappointed
  • Pork Belly Bone-In
    SAVE £5.10

    Pork Belly Bone-In

    The crackling-lover's favourite
    2-3 SERVINGS
  • 4x Barnsley Lamb Chops
    SAVE £7.10

    4x Barnsley Lamb Chops

    This old-fashioned cut is full of flavour
  • /
    SAVE £2.00

    Large Potato Rösti

    Go large! Top with all sorts and tuck in, or slice to share

    Out of stock

  • Chicken Skewer Selection
    SAVE £3.00

    Chicken Skewer Selection

    Juicy free-range chicken, on a stick!
  • 4x Pork Loin Steaks
    SAVE £4.10

    4x Pork Loin Steaks

    Thick and flavoursome boneless pork steak
  • Mini Ham Croissants
    SAVE £2.00

    Mini Ham Croissants

    Whisper-light pastry, tasty filling
  • 4x Minute Rump Steaks, 170g
    SAVE £10.00

    4x Minute Rump Steaks, 170g

    Lean, rich and beefy, these cook in a flash!
  • 8x Seasoned Beef Burgers
    SAVE £10.00

    8x Seasoned Beef Burgers

    Our first pre-seasoned beef burger

Showing products 1 - 15 of 43