1. Shin
Known as 'Osso Buco' after the Italian dish traditionally made with veal shin. Veal Osso Buco is a braising cut, similar to Beef Shin, but with a much milder flavour, and a fine texture,

2. Topside
The topside is cut from the hind quarter and is lean in appearance, with very little fat or sinew. Our butchers prepare our Veal Escalopes and Veal Stroganoff Strips from this cut.

3. Calf's Liver
The best calf's liver is a light pink colour, as the paler it is the more mild and tender it will be. We supply our Calf's Liver pre-sliced for convenience.

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4. Loin
The sweetest cut of veal - equivalent to sirloin in beef - our highly trimmed veal Loin Steaks have a delicious, delicate flavour and are exquisitely tender.

5. Belly
An economical cut from the underside of the animal, which is excellent for roasting or pot roasting. Our Rolled Belly of veal is cut from the superior thinner part of the belly and has a generous layer of fat to help keep it moist and succulent.

6. Rib
Our veal Rib Steaks and Veal 4-Bone Rib are cut from the sweet and tender loin, with the rib bones still attached for extra flavour.

7. Rib Steaks
Like the beef equivelent, this cut is particularly juicy and rich in flavour, but with a milder taste. It is naturally highly marbled, with a central ribbon of fat that gives a fabulous well-rounded taste.

8. Calf's Sweetbreads
A genuine gourmet delicacy, Calf's Sweetbreads are cut from the thymus gland located in the neck of the animal. Ours are highly trimmed and fully kitchen-ready.

9. Calf's Cheeks
A little-known braising cut that is popular on the continent, our Calf's Cheeks are skilfully prepared and fully kitchen-ready.

10. Calf's Tongue 
Similar to Ox Tongue, but with a much more delicate flavour, this is an excellent value cut for boiling.