1. Loin
Equivalent to the sirloin in beef, our pork loin is sweet, moist and deliciously tasty. We cut our Pork Loin Steaks extra thick so they stay juicy during cooking. Our Pork Loin Roast is just as delicious and an excellent value family roast,

2. Fillet Medallion
An incredibly lean, tender and mild-tasting cut, which tastes delicious pan fried. Because it's so lean, it works well with creamy sauces. This, together with its neat appearance, makes it perfect for dinner parties.

3. Mini-Steaks
Pork Mini-Steaks are an innovative cut from the loin, poineered by our butchers. The meat is very lean and cooks in minutes. every mouth-full is a joy to eat and the meat stays juicy and tender.

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4. Chop
Pork Chops are cut from the loin, but with the rib bone still attached, which gives them a delicious meaty flavour. Like our Loin Steaks, these are cut extra thick to help them stay moist and succulent.

5. Belly
The traditional slow-roast has rich seams of fat that impart an irresistable savoury flavour and make the meat incredibly tender. It also has the most delicious crispy crackling, which our butchers score for you to help it crisp up beautifully.

6. Rib
With seven highly trimmed bones, and a fat covering on to keep the meat moist, our Pork Rib Roast is an impressive celebration cut, and the flavour is simply devine. It's very easy to cook and carve, and it's great value too.

7. Shoulder
A boneless cut favoured on the continent, Pork Shoulder has a good firm texture and lots of flavour. It's suitable roasting or pot roasting, and is a great value cut for everyday meals.

8. Rindless Shoulder
Lean and meaty, this joint is a good choice for everyday family meals or Sunday lunch. It has a good firm texture and is easy to roast or pot roast. It offers excellent value and has a robust flavour that pairs well with aromatic herbs.