1. Leg
Our traditional Leg of Lamb is cut from the hind part of the animal, and is full of flavour. OUrs are 'Swiss-cut' to make them easier to carve, but are also available as a boneless cut for total hassel-free carving.

2. Liver & Kidney
These old-fashioned favourites are delicious pan-fried. Ours are superbly prepared and come fully kitchen-ready.

3. Loin
This incredibly succulent, tender cut is the equivalent of sirloin in beef. Lean and full of flavour, we offer several loin cuts including Valentine Steaks, Noisettes, and Lamb Mini-Steaks, or simply Lamb Loin on its own to pan-fry roast


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4. Fillet
very tender and mild in flavour, Lamb Fillets are tiny finger-shaped pieces that are ideal for pan-frying.

5. Saddle
The Saddle is cut from the back part of the animal, with all the bones removed. OUrs are highly trimmed, and hand rolled and tied so they keep their shape beautifully during cooking.

6. Noisettes
These are a delectable lamb cut, tied with string for a neat-looking presentation that holds its shape during cooking. They have a super-sweet taste and are perfect for dinner parties.

7. Rack
Our Lamb Rack is a prime piece of loin with the bones still attached. This gives it a wonderful flavour and an impressive appearance. Our racks are French trimmed, which means the excess fat is trimmed away to reveal clean, white bones, and it looks superb on the plate.

8. Shoulder
A humbler cut of lamb that is excellent value for family meals. We recommend slow-cooking the shoulder to bring out the flavour and make it incredibly tender.

9. Shank
A favourite of gastro-pubs, this flavoursome cut benefits from slow-cooking for several hours, with stock and vegetables. then it became so tender it simply falls off the bone.

10. Off-cuts
Our Diced Lamb Minced lamb are prepared using the off-cuts of our naturally reared, traditionally matured lamb, which explains why they taste so delicious in all your recipes.