1. Shin
This old-fashioned cut
is lighter in fat and
mellower in flavour
than Beef Rib Trim.
All our shins are cut
from superior hind
quarter, and are
perfect for
and stews.

2. Oxtail
As the name suggests,
this cut is from the
tail of the animal.
We only use the
thicker top part of
the tail, where the
meat is most plentiful.
This is a delicious,
old-fashioned cut
that benefits from
long, slow braising
to release its full

3. Rump
Rump has a rich,
beefy taste and a firm,
juicy bite. It is
excellent value for
everyday eating, and
available in a number
of steaks, as well as
delicious roasts such as
the Heart of Rump,
and the Tafelspitz -
cut from the rump cap
and excellent for
pot roasting.

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4. Sirloin
Sirloin is one of the
most flavoursome
steaks, but it's almost
as tender as fillet,
which is why it's so
popular. Lightly
marbled, with a
thin strip of fat on
one edge, our Sirloin
Steaks and roasts are
cut from the middle
[the best part] and
'special trimmed', so
you get more prime
meat for your money.

5. Fillet
The fillet is the
least- used muscle
and therefore the
most tender part
of the animal.
It is also the most
expensive. Lean in
appearance, the meat
has a sublime,
subtle flavour.
It is available in
steaks and medallions,
as well as
various roasts.

6. 5-Bone Rib
Known as
'the banquet roast',
as it can serve
up to 18, this beef is
juicy, rich and
flavoursome with the
meat made sweeter
by the bones.
Our butchers' favourite,
and a popular choice
at carveries, this
magnificent joint
is unbeatable for
special family meals.

7. Ribeye
The butcher's favourite
because of its delicious
beefy flavour, this
heavily marbled cut
has a ribbon of fat
at its core which
melts during cooking,
making the meat
sensationally juicy.
It's also great value,
so our Ribeye Steaks
and Roasts are a
good choice for
family meals.

8. Brisket
Cut from the breast
of the animal, our
top quality brisket
is hand rolled and
tied to keep its
shape during cooking.
It tastes wonderful
after a few hours
in the pot with some
herbs, vegetables
and stock or wine.

9. Rib
The meat between
the rib bones is
very heavily marbled,
and as such is full of
flavour. It needs long,
slow cooking to
break down the fat,
but the reward is an
intense flavour hit.
Available in Rib Trim
for slow cooking,
or as whole
Beef Back Rib
racks for roasting,
pot roasting
or barbecuing.

10. Ox Cheeks
An unusual speciality
cut, ours are trimmed
to an exceptionally
high standard, so
there's hardly any fat
or sinew. Excellent
braised in red wine -
after a few hours
the meat is velvety
smooth and the
gravy is thick
and delicious.

11. Ox Tongue
A favourite from
days gone by,
Unsalted Ox Tongue
tastes delicious
served hot or cold.
It has a rich, beefy
flavour and benefits
from several hours
of cooking to
tenderise the meat.

12. Off-Cuts
We make our
Kebab Cubes,
Minced and Diced Steak
and Burgers in-house,
from the off-cuts of our
steaks and grills.
That means it's all
grass-fed, naturally
reared beef that goes
into them - and
nothing else.