Meet the Green Champion

Corrie Cheyne


" Working within the marketing department at Donald Russell enables me to be close to our customers and hearing their opinions and feedback is very important to me.

Having being handed the baton of Green Champion, my aim is to positively use this feedback to help all of us here to make Donald Russell more environmentally friendly and ensure we do all we can to be responsible to the environment. Based in the heart of beautiful agricultural country here in Aberdeenshire, the environment is important not only to me, but to Donald Russell .

We continue to seek solutions to enable us to reduce our impact on the environment and become a more sustainable company and contribute to the community. For example in recent years we have introduced new Bubble Wrap which enables much more to delivered in one go, therefore saving space, road miles and most importantly, fuel consumption. We have also recently introduced water filled ice packs which simply can be snipped and water poured away rather than having gel filled packs which would have to be disposed in the rubbish.

I also love hearing of the innovation our customers have with reusing our packaging, a subject close to my heart being a keen recycler in my home life. For instance Mr Clarke called us to let us know his son, who is an ecologist, utilises our boxes as insulated owl habitats. Cheshire Wildlife Group hinge the lid and create an opening for easy access, providing a cosy home for the owls in their area.

Green IdeasFor example, Poppy the Norfolk Terrier loves to dig! Her owners are Donald Russell customers so decided to fill one of our poly boxes with spent compost and left her to it! We're sure she's searching for some Donald Russell Pork Sausages in there...

Green IdeasMr & Mrs Jenkins also wrote in to show us their planters. They are currently growing mushrooms (a great accompaniment for steak!) and simply cut holes in the bottom of the box to allow them to grow.

Green IdeasMrs Mastriforte wrote to us to let us know that Donald Russell had been the surprise hit of her family's Christmas. Beautiful steak? A lovely roast? Well, those too, but her grandchildren loved the empty box! Her clever grandchildren pounced upon it, and spent the afternoon turning it into this beautiful aquarium, complete with floating deep sea creatures - leaving her son and daughter-in-law in peace, perfect peace, for the whole afternoon. What a Christmas present!

We've also had a customer tell us he uses his poly box as a waterproof housing for storing his Christmas fairy lights - what a great idea especially with the season looming large in the coming months! Why not send in your images of your recycled poly box? We have more information on where you can recycle your poly box below too.

Excitingly too we have published our first ever sustainability document which we can share with you. Click here to view it.

I look forward to championing all things Green, and updating you in the future "

Why are environmental issues important to Donald Russell?

  • We would like to make improvements to the environmental issues we encounter in this industry; an awareness of these will impact on future decisions made.

  • By discussing environmental issues with suppliers we are able to source products that have a lesser impact on the environment.

  • Our delivery transport efficiency has been looked at and through working in conjunction with our couriers we have prevented 'empty' journeys and limited re-deliveries.




It's enviable being green... here's how we do it


1. A reduced packaging option

Donald Russell packagingWe are aware of the difficulties encountered when trying to dispose of the Polystyrene outer packaging. Despite being a recyclable material, there are currently only eight sites capable of doing this in the U.K and, if collected, to transport the waste material to any one of these sites would pose logistical problems. It is for this reason that a pilot scheme is being trialled in the North East of Scotland, with the avenues of re-using, returning and recycling the packaging being investigated. If this scheme is successful it may filter to the whole of the U.K.

Donald Russell introduced a 'reduced packaging' option in 2008 which has seen a 54% uptake resulting in a reduction of 76 tonnes of cardboard and 54 tonnes of plastic per year being used.

2. Inbound deliveries

Packaging from our inbound deliveries is recycled off site and our suppliers are encouraged to use returnable containers. So far 50% have adopted this approach.

3. Cardboard recycling

Cardboard recyclingBy daily segregation and compaction of waste cardboard, Donald Russell is able to recycle 320 tonnes of this material annually. This is supported by requesting our suppliers use returnable and reusable packaging instead of 'single use' cardboard boxes.


4. Dry ice

Dry IceDry ice has replaced gel ice in most of our deliveries and is made from recycled CO2.

Marketing & ordering online

Current Catalogue1. Reduced mailing

Our mailing frequency is an area that we are evaluating with the intention to reduce the volume of printed materials posted. In conjunction with this proposal we are looking to use recycled paper for our catalogues and other printed materials.

2. Paperless catalogues

Download our catalogue; your contribution will have a positive effect on the environment.

3. Digital catalogue

We now publish our full catalogue digitally, it's fully interactive so you can click on any product you like to find out more. View our digital catalogue

4. Order online

To go along with our focus to decrease the 'paper' mail that is sent, we would like to encourage on-line ordering as this is far more environmentally friendly. Shop online today >>

Environmental Policy

1. Bike to work

Donald Russell has adopted a bike to work scheme as a company-wide environmental policy and the nomination of Sarah as Green Champion means an ongoing commitment to environmental issue awareness and change.

2. Waste management

By compacting 50% of our general waste it reduces the volume of transport needed for its disposal. The majority of our office paperwork is shredded and recycled on a weekly basis.

3. Operations

We have seen the installation of state of the art refrigeration/compressor units and by using High Pressure Low Volume (HPLV) spray guns for cleaning, we are using the most water efficient washing methods currently available.

How you can help

Want to get involved?
Need any facts and figures explained?
Got any feedback?
Want to ask a question?

We would love it if you would share any tips, suggestions or feedback you may have, so feel free to drop me an e-mail with your input

New places to recycle

We have been looking for places that our customers could recycle their polystyrene delivery boxes, sadly until now there were very few points across the country where this could be done. We understand that you can not drive hundreds of miles just to recycle a box as this defeats the purpose of being green.

We have now managed to secure several prime locations across the country where you can take your old delivery boxes to have them recycled hassle free.

Remember if you have queries please drop me an e-mail at

Styropack (UK) Ltd
Craigshaw Road
West Tullos Industrial Estate

AB12 3AS
Tel: 01224 873166
Fax: 01224 873361

Styropack (UK) Ltd
Victoria Works
Parker Street

Tel: 01254 885946
Fax: 01254 889497

Styropack (UK) Ltd
Fiskerton Way
Great Grimsby Business Park

DN37 9SZ
Tel: 01472 241424
Fax: 01472 250602


Styropack (UK) Ltd
Unit A
Rudford Industrial Estate
Nr Arundel
West Sussex
BN18 0BD
Tel: 01903 722811
Logistics Tel: 01903 725282
Fax: 01903 731628


Jablite Limited
Infinity House
Anderson Way
DA17 6BG
Tel: 020 8320 9100
Fax: 020 8320 9110


Jablite Limited
Boothferry Works
East Riding of Yorkshire
DN14 7EA
Tel: 0870 600 3666
Fax: 0870 600 2555


Sundolitt Ltd Fort William
Site 9
Annat Point Industrial Estate
Nr. Fort William
PH33 7NA
Tel: 01397 772929


Sundolitt Ltd Gateshead
Bath Road
Green Lane Industrial Estate
Tyne & Wear
NE10 0JT
Tel: 0191 438 1023


Sundolitt Ltd Montrose
Unit 8
Broomfield Industrial Estate
DD10 8SY
Tel: 01674 676006
Fax: 01674 676686


SCA Tuscarora
Firth Road
Houston Ind. Est.
EH54 5D
Tel: 01506 434201
View Map



Hazelrigg Works
NE13 7AP

Tel: 0191 2171144
Fax: 0191 2171212
View Map


Moulded Foams Ltd

5/7 Menasha Way
Queensway Industrial Estate
Brigg Road
DN16 3RT

Tel: 01724 868153
Fax: 01724 270021
View Map


Next-tec Ltd
The Moat House
Newport Road
ST16 2EZ

Tel: 01785 240708
View Map


SCA Foam Products
Cornhill Close
Lodge Farm Industrial Estate

Tel: 01604 596 800
Fax: 01604 759 024

View Map  

Kay-Metzeler Ltd
Brook Street

Contact: Peter Fox

Tel: 01245 342105

Mobile: 07767 440 766

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SCA Foam Products
Nr. Millbrook
PL11 3AX

Tel: 01752 822 511

Fax: 01752 823 551

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