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  • 1 Ribeye Steak, 250g
  • 1 Sirloin Steak, 250g
  • 1 Fillet Steak, 200g
  • 1 Pavé Rump Steak, 200g
  • 2 Ribeye Steak Burgers, 200g each
  • 2 packs Alpine Fries, 200g per pack
  • 1 How to Meat Perfection-Booklet


What’s the best sort of steak to eat, and why, is a topic that’s driven many a conversation over a glass of wine or a pint. Now Royal Warrant holding Scottish butcher Donald Russell – rightly famous for the quality of their traditionally aged UK grass-fed beef – is giving you the chance to decide for yourself which steak you prefer.


There are 4 classic steak cuts, all BIG in name, and in this case they’re also BIG in nature as each one is more generously cut than you’ll normally find in your local supermarket. Here is what Donald Russell’s artisan butchers say about them:



Pavé Rump SteakThe leanest of all, this working muscle has a natural ‘bite’. Traditionally dry-aged for 35 days this cut is best cooked on the rare side for ma big ‘beefy’ flavour. Normally served as a 180g portion (often with fat on the side) this one is cut as a continental ‘Pavé’ without fat giving a full chunky 200g slab of prime meat. We recommend it served rare.

Cooking guide:
Rare: 5 minutes a side
Medium: 6 minutes a side
Well done: 7.5 minutes a side
Rest for 10 minutes before serving



Sirloin SteaksSirloin is the perfect combination of rich, deep flavour and juicy tenderness. Donald Russell cut these succulent steaks from the centre of a 28 day traditionally dry-aged sirloin, trimming the excess fat to give you more meat for your money. They leave a thin strip of fat for 200g of maximum taste. Recommended served from rare to medium-well.

Cooking guide:
Rare: 1½ - 2 minutes a side
Medium: 3 minutes a side
Well done: 4 - 5 minutes a side
Rest for 10 minutes before serving



Ribeye SteakThe fat and marbling on the prime rib of beef from which these steaks are cut means that this 35-day dry-aged beauty is rich and super-succulent. Most of Donald Russell’s butchers and in-house chefs name this as their personal favourite as the fat gives it a rich mellow flavour. Some like to flash-fry it and eat it rare; because of the higher fat content others cook it for longer until the fat starts to caramelise – it’s the most flexible of steaks.

Cooking guide:
Rare: 1½ - 2 minutes a side
Medium: 3 minutes a side
Well done: 4 - 5 minutes a side
Rest for 10 minutes before serving



Fillet SteaksThe fillet is a muscle that does no work at all but simply lives a life of luxury – so it’s easy to understand why this is the softest melt-in-the-mouth steak you’ll ever eat. Donald Russell are offering a 180g portion, once again 20g bigger than most fillets you get. Recommended rare to medium rare to serve at its tender best.

Cooking guide:
Rare: 4 minutes a side
Medium: 5½ minutes a side
Well done: 7½ minutes a side
Rest for 10 minutes before serving



Ribeye Burger and FriesIf that’s not enough meat for you Donald Russell are also including a couple of Ribeye Steak Burgers, made with the quality offcuts they get when they trim the full sized steaks. To complete the package they’ve added some of their famous Alpine Fries soft on the inside, crispy outside and deliciously addictive!

*Your order will come shock frozen and packed in dry ice, delivered direct to your door, or to a safe place you select, on the day your choice. Free standard delivery is included in the price of the offer. Postcode restrictions may apply.



How to 'Meat' Perfection Cooking GuideIn order to make your Great Scottish Steak Off a proper test you need to cook your steaks to perfection. That’s why when you buy the Steak Off Big 4 Selection, Donald Russell will include a free copy of their 51 page How to Meat Perfection guide in your box. It explains more about different cuts of meat, how you should let your steaks ‘bloom’ before you cook them, how to cook them for, and how long to rest them.

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