Fruit Selection

The very finest orchard fruits & wild berries

  • Hand selected, patisserie-grade orchard fruits and wild berries
  • Ready to use straight from frozen in your recipes
  • No peeling, washing, chopping or stoning required
  • Code: D2874
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Box Contains:
    • 2 packs Apricot Halves, 300 per pack
    • 1 pack, Sweet Dark Cherries, pitted, 300g
    • 2 packs, Wild Blueberries
    • 300g per pack


We've gone to the countries renowned for growing the absolute best examples of each fruit and hand selected the pick of the crop for you! From cakes to clafoutis, tarts to trifles, crumbles to cheesecakes and sorbets to smoothies, these are your go-to ingredient.