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The very finest orchard fruits & wild berries

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We’ve gone to the countries renowned for growing the absolute best examples of each fruit and hand selected the pick of the crop for you! From cakes to clafoutis, tarts to trifles, crumbles to cheesecakes and sorbets to smoothies, these are your go-to ingredient.
  • Hand selected, patisserie-grade orchard fruits and wild berries
  • Ready to use straight from frozen in your recipes
  • No peeling, washing, chopping or stoning required
Box Contains:

    • 2 packs Apricot Halves, 300 per pack
    • 1 pack, Sweet Dark Cherries, pitted
    • 2 packs, Wild Blueberries
    • 300g per pack

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frozen wild blueberries in white bowl frozen apricot halves in white bowl frozen  Sweet Dark Cherries in white bowl
  • frozen wild blueberries in white bowl
  • frozen apricot halves in white bowl
  • frozen  Sweet Dark Cherries in white bowl
Storage - keep frozen at -18ºC or below
Use directly from frozen, in ice-creams, sorbets or smoothies
We recommend using them semi-frozen for most baking or savoury cooking - simply remove fruits from the freezer, keeping them in their packaging, and allow to thaw for 10 minutes at room temperature
To fully defrost, remove from packaging, spread on a tray and defrost in a refrigerator for 12 hours, or in a cool place for 2-3 hours
Once defrosted, store below 5ºC, do not refreeze, use within 24 hours
Fully prepared, kitchen ready, no need to peel, wash, core, stone or trim
Fruit Selection - Orchard Fruits and Wild Berries

As a continuation of our quest to seek out the finest natural flavours, we are proud to present this range of Orchard Fruits and Wild Berries. These are the very finest, restaurant quality, patisserie-grade natural treats that will enhance both sweet and savoury dishes.


Nutritional Information(Typical per 100g)
Energy: 188 kJ / 44 kcal, Fat: 0g, of which Saturates: 0g, Carbohydrates: 8g, of which Sugars: 8g, Fibre: 1.7g, Protein: 0.5g, Salt: 0g

Sweet, soft and perfumed with a warm, almost floral aroma, these are everything apricots should be! These beautiful fruits have been grown in Moroccan apricot groves, where the heat of the North African sun brings out their full perfumed sweetness as they ripen.


Nutritional Information (Typical per 100g)
Energy: 228 kJ / 54 kcal, Fat: 0g, of which Saturates: 0g, Carbohydrates: 11.5g, of which Sugars: 10.5g, Fibre: 0.9g, Protein: 0.9g, Salt: 0g

With their deeply enticing dark red colour, these premium cherries are ready for a starting role, studding a simple, vanilla-scented, fluffy egg clafoutis, or glistening in a sweet kirch sauce atop a scoop of ice-cream. They come from north eastern Greece. Cherry cultivation by the Greeks stretches as far back as 800BC, so they are considered the experts on growing the very best.


Nutritional Information (Typical per 100g)
Energy: 239 kJ / 57 kcal, Fat: 0g, of which Saturates: 0g, Carbohydrates: 13.6g, of which Sugars: 7.4g, Fibre: 4.4g, Protein: 0.8g, Salt: 0g

Wild blueberries are also known as blaeberries up here in Scotland; whinberries, whortleberries or myrtleberries further south; or fraughan in Ireland. Across northern Europe they're recognised as bilberries, but their names in many languages translates into English as 'blue berries'. These are so different from the commercial blueberries, which are native of North America. Rather than being mild in flavour, with a mild-blue skin and pale green flesh, these are smaller, very nearly black and very juicy indeed. The soft, delicate flesh is intensely sharp, filled with an aromatic sweetness which means a little goes a long way. These Nordic berries are picked in Ukraine, and are more like blackcurrants in size. They are crammed with antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients.
Apricot Halves

Bake into pies, tarts and crumbles
Perfect partners with ground almonds in an aromatic sponge cake
Place on top of crème patisserie or whipped vanilla cream to finish a chilled tart
Purée and fold into whipped cream for an apricot fool
Delicious served with cold cuts of ham
Briefly sear with a succulent veal steak

When using apricot halves place them with their cut surface up to maintain the crispness of your pie and pastry.
To prevent a soggy bottom on your pastry tart sprinkle with a light coating of fine breadcrumbs or ground almonds or hazelnuts.

Sweet Dark Cherries

Bake into pies, tarts and crumbles
Surround with a fresh egg custard batter and bake into a traditional Southern French Clafoutis
Delicious with dark chocolate in sweet muffins
A chic addition to cocktails – fantastic with Kirsch and Champagne!
Simmer with a little raspberry vinegar, bramble jelly and olive oil into a sweet and sharp table sauce
Perfect with duck, free-range poultry or game

When baking cakes, roll the cherries in finely sifted flour prior to adding to the cake or dough mix - this prevents the fruit from sinking to the bottom. If baking in open tarts, sprinkle the whole thing with icing sugar before placing nin the oven - this will give a caramelised glaze to your finished tart and protect any exposed cherries from burning.

Wild Blueberries

Bake into pies, tarts and crumbles
Fantastic for breakfast, added to hot porridge, cold granola or baked in muffins
Blend into a delightfully refreshing sorbet or frozen yoghurt dessert
A delicious filling for crêpes
Add to savoury salads with a little cooked chicken, pheasant or partridge
The ideal complement to wild venison or game birds

Wear gloves when handling to prevent the blueberry juice from staining your hands. If you should find your skin gets stained, lemon juice will help reduce and remove the natural colour.
Use cherries from semi-frozen when baking pies or tartlets.
For jams and jellies, marinate frozen cherries in jam sugar overnight, to maximize flavour uptake and reduce the risk of fruit rising to the surface.

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