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Treat your BBQ to this outrageously delicious selection of premium burgers. We take our beef very seriously indeed here – only the finest grass-fed, fully matured UK beef is good enough. 100% Aberdeen Angus to Ribeye Steak, with Classic Steak and even Venison Burgers as well. And because no BBQ is complete without a banger or two, we’ve even added some of our legendary Pork Sausages!
  • Burgers made with the offcuts of our premium steaks and roasts
  • Made in Aberdeenshire with grass-fed, fully matured UK beef
  • Sausages made with 80% prime free-range pork shoulder
Box Contains:

    • 4 Aberdeen Angus Burgers, 200g each
    • 4 Ribeye Steak Burgers, 200g each
    • 8 Classic Steak Burgers,
      in packs of 2, 300g per pack
    • 4 Venison Burgers, in packs of 2, 300g per pack
    • 4 Classic Lamb Burgers, in packs of 2, 240g per pack
    • 8 Pork Sausages, in packs of 4, 280g per pack

  • Cooked Aberdeen Angus burger in bun with pickel and salad
  • Cooked ribeye steak burger with salad on chopping board
  • Raw classic steak burgers on black slate seasoned with salt
  • Cooked venison burger on mashed potatoes with mushrooms
  • Cooked lamb burger on white plate
  • Raw pork sausages on black slate
Frozen at the peak of perfection