Everyday Stew Selection

The perfect selection for tasty stews, anytime

  • Fully matured premium British beef
  • Tender, grass-fed British lamb
  • Hand cut in our Inverurie butchery
  • Code: D639
  • Price per kg:
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Box Contains:
    • 1 pack Diced Beef Steak (440g)
    • 1 pack Beef Rib Trim (440g)
    • 1 pack Minced Steak (440g)
    • 1 pack Oxtail, bone-in (600g)
    • 1 Beef Brisket, boneless (950g)
    • 1 pack Shin of Beef, boneless (440g)
    • 1 box Lamb's Liver & Kidney (1.14kg)


Our Everyday Stew Selection provides a great variety of slow-cook classics and old-fashioned humble cuts, ready to bring their deep flavours to all your hearty, warming meals.