Everyday Balance Selection

Can't go wrong with this selection!

  • Grass-fed UK beef and lamb
  • A truly tempting variety of cuts
  • All kitchen-ready prepared for you
  • Code: D2475
  • Price per kg:
  • Item weight:
Box Contains:
    • 2 Packs of Free-range Chicken Mini Fillets, 200g per pack
    • 2 Honey Roast Salmon Fillets, 160g each
    • 4 Beef Mini Rump Steak,in pack of 4, 200g
    • 4 Lamb Mini Steaks, in pack of 4, 140g
    • 1 Pack of Beef Stir-fry Strips, 440g
    • 1 Jar The Perfect Seasoning

This fantastic value pack has everything you'll need for truly delicious midweek meals. Fill your kitchen with the inviting aromas of lamb and beef!