Diced Fillet Selection

Versatile tenderness and full of grass-fed flavour

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Don't compromise on quality when you want quick pan-fried suppers or the perfect ingredients for Stroganoffs and stir-fries. This hand-cut fillet selection means you can enjoy premium, buttery-tender beef in all your recipes.
  • Grass-fed, fully matured UK beef
  • Expertly cut from the tender fillet
  • Our most versatile fillet cuts
Box Contains:

    • 1 pack Fillet Tails (pack weight 450g)
    • 1 pack Diced Fillet Steak (pack weight 440g)

  Professionally shock frozen
-18°C. Once defrosted store between 0 - 5°C. Use within 48 hours
Diced Fillet

Remove the defrosted meat from the packaging and pat dry with kitchen paper. Pre-heat the oven to 140°c - 160°C / 275 - 325°F /Gas 1 - 3. Heat a large ovenproof pan on a high heat, add a little oil and sear the meat until nicely browned all over, then take out the meat and sear the vegetables until nicely caramelised. After searing the vegetables place the meat back in the pan add wine, stock or a mixture, and herbs, make sure the liquid covers at least a third to a half of the meat and bring gently to the boil on the hob.
Cover with lid and transfer into the preheated oven or continue to simmer gently on the at a very low temperature, check from time to time and top up with liquid if needed.
Cooking times vary depending on the cut and your oven. You should check casseroles after 1 hour and at regular intervals thereafter. The easiest way to check joints is to use a meat fork, inserted the fork in the thickest part of the meat. The fork should go in and out easily. With stews and casseroles, simply take a piece out and taste it.

Fillet Tails

Can be used varoiusly. Remove all packaging and pat dry with kitchen paper. Allow min. 30 minutes for the meat to come to room temperature. Pre-heat oven to 230°C / Fan 210°C / Gas 8. Once your Pan is hot add a little oil to the pan, or brush directly onto the meat to avoid using too much. Sear meat on all sides for 2 minutes. Place your meat uncovered on a rack in a roasting tin and put into reheated oven and cook for

Rare: 2-3 minutes Internal temperature of meat: 45-47°C
Medium: 3-4 minutes Internal temperature of meat: 55-60°C
Well Done: 5-6 minutes Internal temperature of meat: 65-70°C

Remove from oven, leave to rest for at least 10 minutes in a warm place.
Diced Fillet

Nutritional Values:(Typical per 100g)
Energy: 757 kJ / 181 kcal, Fat: 8g, of which Saturates: 3g, Carbohydrates: 0g, of which Sugars: 0g, Fibre: 0g, Protein: 20g, Salt: 0.13g

Fillet Tails

Nutritional Values:(Typical per 100g)
Energy: 757 kJ / 181 kcal, Fat: 8g, of which Saturates: 3g, Carbohydrates: 0g, of which Sugars: 0g, Fibre: 0g, Protein: 20g, Salt: 0.13g

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Very enjoyable and tasty good price
Excellent product tastes amazing well packed and delivery as arranged
In the past the meats
I have received have cooked very well and tasted excellently.
Visitors have been impressed at how tender the meat is
As before in Scotland our Angus beef is first class as is D Russell 🤗
Quite good, not as good as fillet steak. I think this might need slow cooking - not sure?
Made beef stroganoff with this, some pieces rather chewy. A few recipe suggestions would be appreciated.
Great for casseroles, steak bakes, steak pies etc. A fairly regular purchase by me.
Very tender and ideal for Stroganoff
Perfect ingredient for stroganoff.
Cooked very well in a casserole - very tender
Lovely taste, easy to cook, good all round
Not quite as tender as I thought this product might be but nevertheless very good. Used for a stir fry and beef strogonoff
fantastic really tasty and very easy to cook
All good, beautiful food .
A great filling for a pie and very tender.
Great tender meat.
Made an excellent casserole
just the right amount for a delicious stroganoff for 3 and at a very good price . All it needs is a bit. of slicing of the larger pieces and its ready for the cognac marinade
Good quality and tender beef.
Great value for money, super for a quick beef stroganoff.
So far I have only used the fillet tails from the "selection." I have had these previously and they have been excellent. However, on this occasion they were fatty (this element does not bother me but it does my husband) and stringy with very little taste. Very disappointed ! Thanks for your comment.

We’re sorry you found the Fillet Tails fatty, but thank you for bringing it to our attention.

We have now been in touch and resolved this to your satisfaction, but please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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