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Cooked TurkeyA golden skinned, juicy roast turkey, surrounded by all the trimmings – what could be more Christmassy? Ours are the finest free-range turkeys and turkey crowns, from the Loué farmers of France, and you have our guarantee that you will not be disappointed! Complete your feast with our butchers’ finest hand made meaty chipolatas, pigs in blankets, bacon for the top of the turkey and sausagemeat for the stuffing balls.

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We've got a wealth of resources, including printable step-by-step guides and videos, to help you cook your turkey or turkey crown to perfection. Now you can even cook them from frozen! Watch our clear, step by step videos then print out a reminder or upload the link to your phone, so it’s to hand for the big day. Relax - you’re in safe hands.

We can even help with the leftovers! For tasty tips on what to do with your leftover turkey read our blog post Here

Cooking Whole Turkey Guide Cooking Turkey Crown Guide

Alternative Main Courses

Carvery Rib RoastIf you want to add more choice to your Christmas dinner table or simply fancy a change from turkey, we have plenty of choices for an alternative festive main course.

From stunning centrepiece roasts to luxurious en croûtes and showstopping three bird roasts; we've got something to suit everyone.

Our Most Popular Alternatives

Easy Carved RoastsEasy Carve Roasts
Our butchers have skilfully pared the meat from the bone, and tied it back on, ready to roast. You get all the presentation and flavour of a bone-in joint, with easy carving – simply snip the strings, lift the meat off the bones, and slice!

Slow Cooked RoastsSlow Cooked Roasts
Get perfectly cooked, deeply flavoured, fall-apart tender meat every time, guaranteed! Our chefs have patiently cooked these old-fashioned roasts for hours on end - you just pop them in the oven from frozen.

Festive BirdsFestive Birds
As well as the traditional turkey and turkey crown, we also have a couple of absolutely incredible three bird roasts for you to tuck into throughout the season. Not feeding so many? Choose our stuffed turkey breast, or perhaps a meaty duck. Or try our old-fashioned goose, rich and tasty when roasted.

En CroûtesEn Croûtes
Using the finest salmon, centre cut beef fillet, free range pork fillet and even our homemade meat loaf, all wrapped up in golden, buttery pastry. They all come in perfectly sized individual portions, too!

Bone in RoastsBone in Roasts
Dramatic centrepiece roasts for a 'wow' at the table with superb on-the-bone flavour. Need we say more…?

Party Food

Party FoodWe all love a party. Friends, music, drinks and nibbles. But who feels like spending hours at the cooker when they want to entertain? Don't worry, we're here to help with some perfect canapés and party food so that you can focus on making sure your guests are enjoying themselves.

It’s all designed to be simply baked in the oven, usually straight from frozen, or occasionally pan fried for extra crispiness. And of course, we insist on using only the very finest ingredients, which can’t do anything other than deliver great flavour. So here are our tips for making sure you enjoy yourself as much as your guests:

• Keep everything easy to handle – people will probably have a drink in one hand and want to eat with the other, so while your speciality casserole might be absolutely delicious, it’s probably not going to be the easiest to juggle. And spare ribs won’t be so popular when the sticky sauce is all over your guests’ party clothes!

Our suggestions:
Chicken Lollipops, Canapé Pastry Bites, Spicy Chicken Wings, Chicken Skewer Selection


• Include some food that’s best served cold. . This can be arranged in advance and simply left on platters throughout the evening. Keep some back in the fridge so you can replenish the platters with nice fresh snacks as they get eaten. Cut slices of buttered rye bread into quarters and pile high with smoked salmon and soured cream, or salt beef, mustard and dill pickles.

Our suggestions:
Traditional Cold Pies, Ultimate Gravadlax

• Stagger your dishes. If some food is better served hot, don’t put it all out at the beginning of the night. Prepare a batch of baked goods together, to present at the start of the evening while you’re busy welcoming guests, taking coats and making introductions.

Our suggestions:
Mini Ham Croissants, Canapé Quiches, Mini Artisan Sausage Rolls, Canapé Pastry Bites


• Later, when everyone has settled in, nip through to the kitchen to fry up some crunchy treats, and hand them round while they’re still hot to get the best oohs and aahs! You can spear things with cocktail sticks and hand them round together with a bowl of dip, so people can dunk as they go.

Our suggestions:
Mini Fish Cakes, Crispy Burger Bites, Mini Steak Burgers, Rösti Variety Selection

My suggestion 4

• Include something sweet. Sweet treats go down particularly well with designated drivers, who are often drinking sweet juices or cups of coffee – or maybe, your guests will simply have a sweet tooth.

Our suggestions:
Patisserie Selection

So there you are - all the ingredients to turn your bash into a banquet, while making sure you get to enjoy yourself too!

Now, where’s that fizz?

Here to help...

We will be delivering Tuesday to Saturday throughout the festive season until the 22nd of December. (Saturday delivery is postcode applicable).

Please Note: Whole turkeys and larger roasts require up to 72 hours to defrost – but remember, you can now cook our turkey from frozen to save time

Festive Opening Hours

We’re here to help you achieve your perfect Christmas, and are only a phone call away. Our friendly advisers are ready to assist with everything from helping you put together your ideal Christmas menu, to cooking, carving and gift advice. We can send gifts to far flung friends and relatives, complete with your own message – you don’t even need to wrap anything!

We’ll be on the end of a phone line right up until 4pm on Christmas Eve, and after a short break for Christmas dinner, we’re back on Boxing Day, should you need any suggestions for what to do with your leftover turkey!

Our website is, of course, available 24 hours a day – and if you’re short of time, you can even email a gift voucher straight to your loved one’s inbox!

Call us on 01467 629666 – whatever you need, we’re always happy to help.

Here’s to your most delicious Christmas yet!

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