Meat Party Food

Classic festive favourites plus more unusual ideas like bratwurst sausages and mini steak burgers, ideal for Christmas parties and New Years Eve celebrations.

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  • 32x Pigs in Blankets
    SAVE £8.10

    32x Pigs in Blankets

    Delicious Pork Sausages wrapped in Bacon
  • 12x Mini Steak Burgers

    12x Mini Steak Burgers

    Little mouthfuls of great steak flavour
  • Salt Beef
    SAVE £8.10

    Salt Beef

    Our award-winning cured beef brisket!
  • Mini Lamb Burgers
    SAVE £2.50

    Mini Lamb Burgers

    Bite-size and bursting with flavour
  • Mini Pork Burgers

    Mini Pork Burgers

    The sweet, succulent taste of free-range pork
  • 32x Chipolatas
    SAVE £2.10

    32x Chipolatas

    Larger than your average chipolata, and much, much tastier!

7 Item(s)